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Why Independent Copywriters Exist...
Nooo! Not writing!
If this is your reaction to a writing task, it may be time for an independent copywriter’s intervention.

Is it time to consider working with an independent copywriter?
Perhaps it is if you…

  • don’t like writing,
  • feel that writing is outside of your area of expertise or comfort zone,
  • want greater impact from your business communications,
  • want to enhance or solidify your professional branding image,
  • lack the time to devote to another project,
  • have bigger priorities and daily activities fighting for your attention, or
  • are not satisfied with the results your material is delivering so far.

So think about the words and messages others read on your website, from printed brochures, or other promotional material. Have those words and messages been working for you, or against you? If it’s more of the latter, perhaps a change in writing strategy is the answer.

Because if we work together

  • You’ll stand out and look more impressive than your competitors – through better positioning via the messages you share.
  • Your content becomes focused to ensure it connects with your intended readers/customers/clients – so you engage their interest.
  • Your subject or headlines are first-class, unique, and powerful – so you attract the attention you’re seeking – right away.
  • Your messages/copy flow naturally, like a personal or face-to-face conversation – with clarity and ease of understanding – so you come across as authentic and approachable.

What type of writing do you wish to tackle first? As an independent copywriter, I can help you work on any number of projects. And if you don’t see a service solution that speaks to your particular situation or point of frustration that doesn’t mean I can’t help…so be sure to ask anyway.

So let’s chat about how we can move you ahead in the right direction so your words work wisely for you.

When you can’t hire your own independent copywriter… 

Hey, I get that not everyone can, or wants to hire independent copywriters. So if you prefer to take the DIY route, take advantage of the series of writing guides to help you support your writing tasks.

And if you don’t find what you’re looking for, let me know…I’ll write it for you!

Benefits Of Strategic Planning

For small-business owners/solo entrepreneurs/consultants unsure about the importance of following a clear map and guide to your business activities…

Find it through  the advantages of Strategic Planning.  This guide helps you focus on what’s important – for your improved productivity and results. And a big part of business success is being able to concentrate on and do what matters every day – so you’re consistently fulfilling your business’ vision and reaching your short- and long-term business goals.

Have a writing question or project you think you might need help with? Tell me about it.

And while you're at it, pick up your FREE copy of this cheat sheet for Realtors, here.


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Why I Loved Working With Shelly

Right from the beginning Shelly was more than helpful. Her ambitiousness was very intriguing and her creative writing was impressive.
Amanda M.D., Owner/Operator - Miss. Social Entertainment / Corporate Staffing & Event Bookings

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