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Is An Independent Copywriter
The Answer To Your Writing Challenges?

Why Independent Copywriters Exist...

Nooo!…I don’t want to write… (this is why independent copywriters exist)

…when you’re not up to the task of creating and writing your business communications…  

Hey…it’s OK. Not everyone enjoys the task, has time for it, or wants to be bothered with it.

That’s why you call for the help of a skilled and experienced independent copywriter.

As I always say…”Words matter. Use them wisely.”

But maybe you’re still unsure if it’s time to call for outside help. It’s understandable. Before you invest in your business writing, why not have a quick review of how your current material is performing for you. And (on a scale of 1 to 10) reflect on how satisfied you are with the performance and results of everything you’ve written for public consumption so far. Then decide what your threshold score is for making the move to hire a professional writer – instead of labouring over it all yourself, with continued lack-lustre performance.

Here are a few points you might ponder:

  • Have your e-mail messages, brochures or flyers (or other material) brought you the desired attention from the audience you targeted? You did make sure your messages connect with the readers/customers you had in mind, right?
  • Are your communications clear, creative (when necessary), and conversational?
  • Are you achieving the results (i.e. the sales) and reaching the goals you’ve set for your various marketing pieces?
  • Are you creating and generating greater excitement about and interest in your products or services, or
  • Are you seeing an increase in potential-customer traffic – in your store, or visiting your website?

And if you’re now thinking, “hmmm, it might be time to get some help“, then let’s talk. I want to work with you to help you get noticed, and achieve your marketing goals through better writing – because words DO matter.

And when I work with clients…

  • I’m not pushing the latest “guru” systems or trend du jour in an attempt to earn your business. That just makes me appear lazy, and you look/sound the same as everyone else. My goal is to make you stand out, not blend in.
  • I don’t believe in using tacky “click bait” Subject lines or Headlines to attract readership. That just makes you sound cheesy and desperate, and makes me appear like a talentless hack. Your subject and headlines should be classy, unique, and purposeful.
  • I’m not afraid of forsaking a few hard-and-fast grammar rules to make sure your message doesn’t sound robotic or boring. Your messages/copy should flow naturally…much like an personal conversation. Of course, when the situation calls for it…grammar rules!

So what type of writing project do you need to reconsider?

Browse through the available service solutions to find one that fits your particular situation. If you don’t see it, that doesn’t mean I can’t do it…just ask. Then connect with me to talk about how we can move you ahead in the right direction so your words work wisely for you.


I’d like writing help, but it’s not in my budget right now to hire a writer. Maybe I can take advantage of a DO-IT-YOURSELF guide instead. 

Hey, I get that. That’s why there’s series of writing guides to help Small-Business or Realtors alike. Check them out here.

And i
f you don’t find what you’re looking for let me know…I’ll write it!

My Business Might Benefit From Strategic Planning Help

I’m a small-business owner/solo entrepreneur/consultant and I want more details about the advantages of Strategic Planning for my business activities – so I can focus more on doing what matters and reaching my goals.

Have a writing question or project you think you might need help with? Tell me about it.

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Right from the beginning Shelly was more than helpful. Her ambitiousness was very intriguing and her creative writing was impressive.
Amanda M.D., Owner/Operator - Miss. Social Entertainment / Corporate Staffing & Event Bookings

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