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Generating Strategic Writing Results

An Independent Copywriter –
 For Clarity and Writing Strategies
That Work For You

Why work alone –– in fear, and not knowing if your writing will get results . Let an independent copywriter take the load off your mind, and help improve your chances. Sure, I specialize in Real Estate property descriptions, but that’s not all you’ll find here…

If you’re nervous about the tortuous battle to write perfect copy for your
✓ property description,
✓ biography page,
✓ landing page,
✓ sales letter,
✓ marketing piece,
✓ brochure copy
✓ how-to or instructional guides,
✓ and more…

You’re in the right place.

Discover Novel Ideas

Through deep discussion and analysis, we’ll develop the most effective and powerful writing plan for your project, so you come away with a higher probability of increased business attention, and the ability to achieve the results.

I recognize your business needs are distinct.
That’s why you won’t hear the same spiel about the latest hype, or get handed
templates or cookie-cutter plans everyone else is selling (and using).
This is not a one-size-fits-all writing or strategy shop.

Your Independent Copywriter –
For Business Writing Challenges

No matter what type of business you manage, the focus is always on the the key to your success…your message.

As an independent copywriter, I help you create the message that has people saying, ‘I love what you’re telling me. You have the solution to my problem, and I want what you’re offering‘.

So…why not take a few moments to browse through the service solutions available to you? There’s likely one there for your challenge. (And if there isn’t, I can refer to another fabulous and capable colleague.) Then connect with me to talk about moving you ahead in the right direction so people take notice of your business offerings.

Have a writing question or project you think you might need help with? Tell me about it.

And while you're at it, pick up your FREE copy of this cheat sheet for Realtors, here.

Maybe you need writing help, but it’s not in your budget. I get that. That’s why I’ve developed a series of writing guides to help Realtors and Small-Business owners. Check them out here.
f you don’t find what you’re looking for let me know…I’ll write it!

Small-Business Owner 
and Solo Entrepreneur

If your vision of a successful business strategy
is to fly by the seat of your pants…
…Don’t make the same mistake I did…

Your solution is here, by taking advantage of this on-line Strategic Planning course (complete with 30-minutes of video guidance and all the support materials you need). You’ll come away with a solid plan for success and kick-ass strategies to help you focus on what matters.

Strategic Planning from the Independent Copywriter

Not ready to head over the course? Learn more here: 

When you are ready…check out “Better (and Easier Strategic Planning for Small-Business Owners and Solo Entrepreneurs“. Take advantage of the many other business oriented programs offered there. Sign up for complete access to the entire repertoire.

Why I Loved Working With Shelly

You went above and beyond my expectations, even conducting your own research in my specialized field of work.
Jenna Richardson, B.A., B. Ed. - Dyslexic Solutions Ottawa

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