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An Independent Copywriter
Clears Out The Crickets 

Working with an independent copywriter eliminates your chances of hearing crickets from your writing. Messages are clearer, more captivating and intriguing. Instead of dead silence, you experience the action and results you expect from your marketing material.

An Independent Copywriter Elimiiates the Silence

Clear The Crickets With An Independent Copywriter

Struggling to use the right words? I help eliminate that tortuous battle in your quest for a perfect property description, bio page, landing page, sales letter, marketing piece, and other promotional material.

How would you like to exclaim…

“The condo sold in 1 day…WOOHOO“…K
That’s what Kris Anderson of
REALTOR®, RE/MAX Excalibur Realty
Scottsdale / Sedona, AZ, USA said.

When you combine forces with someone who does the writing on your behalf to deliver your message, it frees you up for more important work with clients and customers. While I specialize in working with real estate professionals and writing property descriptions that get those kinds of results, you can count on help with other writing needs too.

What Is The Value of an Independent Copywriter

A skillful collaboration with an independent copywriter sets you apart from your competitors. Could you attract more legitimate, interested buyers and sellers? Would it help you close quicker, plus earn you more recognition and enhanced results? You bet it does.

Your Key To Success

Whatever your writing challenge is, as an independent copywriter I make you look good with the right words. I free you from a tedious task, open time in your schedule, and bring more attention to your important written material.

My ultimate goal is to lead you to where you might not otherwise advance to if you continue writing on your own.

Be Different. Be Outstanding.

Get ready to experience the difference more powerful copy delivers to your marketing efforts. Come on…I dare you to stand out.

In the end, no matter how much marketing you do, if your message falls flat or fails to engage your reader, you’ve wasted your time and money. Don’t be that guy or gal. If being outstanding is part of your vision for success, let’s talk about how we can turn the key to enhance your results.

Independent Copywriter – Other Business Needs

I write for more than the real estate industry. And no matter what type of business you manage, the message always matters – it’s the key to your effectiveness and success. As an independent copywriter, I help you get clear on that message so people say, ‘Yes…I get it. I believe what you’re saying. You have the solution to my problem, and I like what you’re offering’.

Browse through the service solutions to find the one that helps you out. When you find the one that conquers your challenge let’s talk about moving you ahead in the right direction, and getting people to take notice.


Realtor’s Checklist to Boost Sales Results From Property Descriptions is written by Independent Copywriter, Shelly Moreau

“A Realtor’s Checklist To Boost Sales Results From Property Descriptions – Your Resource for Productivity and Prosperity”.

Shelly has transformed her original Checklist so you don’t have to hire her. I highly recommend adding the Checklist system to your marketing strategies.” – Kris Anderson, RE/MAX Excalibur, Sedona & Scottsdale, AZ

Learn more about  the seven steps to creating better selling conditions for you and your clients, and how to increase responses to your home sales marketing strategies.

Why You Should Hire Shelly Too

I would not hesitate to recommend you to any business owner looking to hire a copywriter for their promotional or (direct-) marketing copy needs.
Kenny Leon, Senior Manager Communications - Ottawa Chamber of Commerce

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