The Solution Should Be Primary

Is being recognized as the solution your primary business focus? If not, it should be. Consider how you stack up against your competitors. Because when you’re building your business and reputation, and trying to figure out what your unique or special selling point is, it may not be immediately obvious. Initially, it’s a challenge to get a handle on how you stand out…how you’re different amidst similar businesses. And figuring that out is key to standing above and not among the crowd. This is how you attract more attention from interested clients, buyers or customers.

Filling In The Gaps

Focus on being the solution

Where’s Your Focus? Find the gap. Fill it in.

The key to your success is filling the gaps left by other businesses. Sure those other guys do good business, but what are they offering and how are they presenting their products or services? Better yet, what are you offering that they aren’t, and what are you doing that presents a unique approach or the solution customers need in a way that has not been seen yet? This is where you might want to cash in your chips…by learning from others.

Let’s take a look at how you might become the solution to consumers’ problems.

✓ Take stock of your competition

Take the time to check out their websites. How does their copy stack up? Is it well written and clear, interesting and engaging and compelling? If not, capitalize on that feature and make sure your content is awesome.

If it’s a retail outlet, visit the store. How is their layout, signage, presentation, face-to-face service? Strive to be different or more enhanced than they are.

✓ Check out competitors’ products and services

Are the products or services you see on-line or in-store common and easily obtainable elsewhere? Then this is your opportunity to take things one step further. Add more incentives, improve on the product or service in some way that makes you the obvious solution in the customers’ search to improve their life, reach their goals, achieve more success…you get the picture.

✓ Remark and analyze how/where your products or services are different

Be sure to take notes as you’re doing your recon. And be thorough. Relying on your memory may not be the most reliable method if you intend to make a difference. And you’re not going to make changes willy-nilly, just for the sake of it. After your sleuthing is complete and you’ve compared your notes against your own business, determine if where you can make your business, product or service stand out. Be sure though that it makes financial sense and fits in with your strategies for growth and success, then do it. The last thing you want to do is stray from your mission and vision for your business.

Now it could something be as simple as creating more enticing packaging, free shipping for certain spend amounts, using vibrant colours that attract attention (because everyone else’s stuff is blah and boring), competitive pricing, or creating special package/product rates (in three different levels) that make it easier for folks to buy from you. Whatever it is, it should be something not already offered by your competitor, or something that you can add value to – at a more competitive rate, or with better overall service and results.

Benefits Are Key To The Solution

Benefits Are Key To The Solution

✓ Make Benefits Part Of The Solution

When you’re perusing the competition’s website content or brochures and pamphlets, note what type of information they share. Are they presenting their version of a solution by way of letting folks know the benefits of the product or service in question? Or are they simply sharing a list of facts that don’t really offer actual value in the decision-making process?

Give your customers THE most compelling reasons to do business with you. Be the solution and tell them why they should consider you. Do it through the dynamic information and the content you share. Be sure to tell people how using or buying your product or service will make them feel, how they will be more successful, how they may improve their lives, etc. Present all the reasons in a way that allows them to picture themselves benefiting from using your product or service. Remove doubts and objections. Be the solution.

These are a few ways to present your business offerings in a way that makes you stand out as the solution…not the gap. Ultimately, it’s a simple shift in your focus. And once your messages demonstrate those unique selling points and convey value over and above what your competitors present or offer, you become the solution.

I hope you’ve found value in this article. Your questions and comments are most welcome, below. And if you believe this information can help a fellow entrepreneur, be sure to share. Your time and interest are greatly appreciated.


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