Seeking The Greatest Rewards

What happened to the greatest rewards we expected to get – from client work, sales, killer projects, and easy-going clients? As a small-business owner or solo entrepreneur, do you ever ask yourself, “Ugh, why am I doing this”? Sometimes I wonder if it’s worth the headaches, as I’m sure you do too.

But I’m here to tell you…it certainly is worth it.

 It’s Not About the Money, Money, Money

Heck, the greatest rewards don’t have to come in the form of a pay cheque by any means. At least not in my experience.

Look, I’ve worked for successful clients who were easy to deal with. They even gave favorable testimonials and referrals, resulting from our association. I love getting those – it’s what pushes business forward to more business after all.

But I have to say the most satisfactory moments I’ve experienced so far are the result of a recent association with a colleague with whom I partner for business accountability purposes.

It started with our desire to get organized in our daily business schedules and approach to work. Then, a conversation about future goals and uncertainty of how to develop/launch a new business, and a draft information product I had in the works on the subject of strategic planning altered the course of our partnership. For the record, at the time of its creation, I had no idea how or whom that strategic planning document would be of benefit. I only knew I felt compelled to create it. But I digress…

After that conversation, I remembered I had started that document, and decided to develop the draft further. I thought my partner might find it helpful. It turns out, that strategic planning guide is the catalyst for her map to a clear path forward. Using it helped transform an idea in her head into clear objectives and goals that will become reality.

Thank You

The greatest rewards from this accountability experience and strategic plan exercise are how it put an end to my partner’s confusion, and boosted her determination. She now has a clearer vision for her business, so she can map out her approach. She also has the tools to get and remain organized so projects and tasks are not overwhelming. Besides that, this exercise is proving to be a key instrument to holding her accountable moving forward.

The Greatest Rewards come from a simple thank you.

The Greatest Rewards come from a simple thank you…

Imagine…I got to be part of all that! How rewarding it is, indeed. Additionally, we came up with a couple more ideas that are exciting to my partner! In fact, we even arrived at the same name for one project!

The added benefits to this close relationship are the trust, and being able to count on each other for support and a listening ear. We rely on each other to confirm when ideas sound good (or not). We offer each other encouragement, and act as a sounding board when issues arise. And we keep each other from venturing into areas that are not in our best interest for the business goals we’ve set for ourselves.

It’s all good. I look at it like this…my partner’s results are my results too. I’m thrilled that she has more confidence and certainty about her abilities, and plans to move forward. And the greatest rewards I experience from this valuable association is knowing I make a difference in the outcome of that person’s life and business success. No money replaces that feeling.


It’s A Win-Win

So…if you’re contemplating working with an accountability partner, consider someone who shares your values, and whose opinions you respect and expertise you hold in high regard. Ideally, try to devote an hour each week (or other as your issues or needs require) for a face-to-face call (via Skype, Google hangout, or other). To connect, set goals, toss ideas around, keep each other on track, get and remain organized and continue moving forward toward your desired outcomes.

The greatest reward is a gold star performance.

Your greatest reward is the gold star performance of your accountability partner

Weekly connections are good in the beginning, including ongoing e-mail updates and reports, and when issues arise. Once your business strategies are in place, you might not need the same frequency of calls. But don’t end the association just because you feel, “I’ve got this now…” This association should be viewed as a long-term and ongoing relationship that benefits both of you, as long as you continue it – for the life of your business.

The greatest rewards come from the satisfaction of helping your friend and colleague move forward in their business goals. At least that’s my experience. And it does wonders for your confidence in your own abilities.

If you have questions about how to get started in finding a suitable accountability partner for your small- or solo entrepreneur business, I’m happy to help. Reach out any time so you too can experience the greatest rewards in your business life.

Alternatively, if you found this article offers value to your business, be sure to share it and your comments and questions below. Thank you for your interest.


More About The Author, Shelly Moreau

Shelly specializes in writing real estate descriptions, using seven principles of effective sales letter writing. Her prior career and experience in an administrative environment (for nearly 30 years) plays an ongoing role in how she works with, plans and strategizes with clients from varied industries for better results.

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