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If you’re not sure yet…on a scale of 1 to 10, how satisfied are you with your current content writer and the results from your marketing, promotional/sales material, or other written products?

Go ahead. Think about it. I’ll wait here.(Jeopardy theme plays softly in the background).

Yikes. Not good, eh? That’s too bad. There is a solution though. And perhaps it’s time to consider hiring a professional content writer.

Here’s What You Can Do

Since you’re on the hunt for a professional writer, let’s connect by e-mail at: Be sure to share all you can, so I have a clear picture of your situation, and can suggest the best way forward (and solution) for your needs.

Or, call me at 1-819-986-8377, to chat about how we might work together to propel you forward so you achieve your marketing goals.

There’s no charge for our initial communication. But let’s try to limit this to 30 minutes. I’ll learn about and focus on your issue and we’ll see if it makes sense to work together. Then we can go from there…

Or, if you prefer, use the handy form below to tell me which writing project or problem is nagging at you…I’m ready to help you move forward with a new plan for success.

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