Do You Like Herding Cats and Running in Circles?

Copy without emotion leaves readers aimlessly running in circles  — it’s like trying to herd cats. Sales letters that don’t tap into an emotion won’t connect with the prospect.  People often buy for emotional reasons and once you’ve touched the core emotion, you’ve got their attention.

So if you haven’t done your homework to learn who your prospect is, understand what moves them, or to know what attracts them to your product, then find out. You’ll also need to know, “what core benefit does my product provide?”  These are essential details to have if you want to avoid copy without emotion.  Find them out before writing down one word of copy.

Drilling Down – Find The Key Emotion

Your product may have a number of features and associated benefits that you can identify. Out of those, pick one and ask yourself, “what makes this benefit so outstanding”? If your answer comes bask as only a minor benefit or one of seemingly little interest, drill down and ask again, then narrow down your responses to arrive at your core benefit — i.e. the one that makes your product irresistible to your prospects based on their needs.

There are number of emotions that can be tapped into when preparing a sales letter. The key is knowing your prospect.

Which Emotion Do You Need To Target?

Which Emotion Do You Need To Target?

Ask yourself, what keeps them up at night worrying; how can you make their lives better; how will your product solve their problem; how can they look younger, more attractive, be more successful by using your product; and many other concerns that folks share.

The idea is to stir a desire/emotion within the reader that will lead them to want to purchase your product – based on their needs.

At the very least, if you can peak their curiosity, it will keep them moving through your sales letter to find the answer to your promise.

Curiosity And The Cat

Curiosity is one of the strongest motivators you could employ  – ask any cat.  For example, wouldn’t you want to know how a product can help you — with your weight problem, or how it can make you look younger, or perhaps improve your sales results?

Stir the Curiosity of Your Audience - Grab Their Attention

Stir the Curiosity of Your Audience – Grab Their Attention

You’d keep reading till you found the answer to what was promised in the letter. And in that letter, there would be lots of interesting, vital facts and statistics about how your product works, how it satisfies that curiosity and fulfils the needs of the prospect.  

What About Vanity?

A sure-fire emotion you’ll frequently see in sales letters is vanity.  After all, who doesn’t want to be able to present the best possible image of themselves, right?  And anyone working in industries related to fitness, skin/youth-rejuvenation products, or products that improve physical appearance (among others) knows exactly how to appeal to that emotion to gain interest for their products.

For example, a weight-loss product sales letter may reach that core emotion this way….

“Now, you too can look better, feel better, lose inches, improve your appearance with noticeable effects in as little as 8 weeks. No more diets, no more starving yourself — it’s safe and easy to use.

Imagine how good you'll look!

Imagine how good you’ll look!

This newly developed and scientifically proven product has delivered remarkable results in all types of folks, with all types of weight-loss issues.

You’ll see testimonials from satisfied clients a little farther on, but right now, imagine the envy of your family and friends when you reveal the new you. Slimmer, trimmer, looking great in that bathing suit and not feeling self-conscious about your image.  It’s time to show them!”

… and you’re hooked!

How could you not want to continue reading a letter like that if you were looking for a solution to weight loss? Who wouldn’t want to discover how to become a better, more attractive you? How could you resist having an extra spring in your step, a gleam in your eyes, and a slimmer looking body?

I’m No Different

I know… I’ve done it myself… continued reading so I could find out more about a product, its benefits and features, accept the proof, have my objections removed, and then purchase products because a core emotion has been stirred, based on my needs.

It works and is very powerful.

Work on Those Emotions

Isolating and working on appealing to those core emotions in your sales letter will vastly improve upon the interest of and bond with your prospect. There’s no need to run in circles, know your prospect, and know your core benefit. Then, create some sales-letter magic.


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