Need A Biography Transformation?

Is your About page doing its job, or is it time for a biography transformation? When you consider that your website’s About page is the second most visited page, it’s gotta pass muster from the prying eyes who manoeuvre through your business’ online presence.

The problem is, given its importance, often times the information shared is presented in a lackluster way, or without a focus on what’s important…the potential client/customer. Are you writing about you, or about how you’re solving a problem through what you do? It’s all in the presentation of the words you use.

I realize it’s not easy to create an About page. Yet it’s important to know that the magic of words can either turn your readers away, or illuminate your copy, urging them to read on.

You might also be wondering what to include, like…Should I mention my pets? Do readers need to know about my hobbies? What about my successes ­– I don’t want to brag? Does any of this matter?

As always, the answer is, it depends. Consider whether or not any of these tasty tidbits tie into your business, or help strengthen your information about what enables/supports you to do the things you do. If they do reinforce your skill-set then by all means, include them.

Aside from that, there are so many other elements to consider when sharing your biographical details. But how do you present these facts so they work better for you? Here are a few guidelines to consider so you can create some magic of your own, with a biography transformation that generates more interest and action from your readers.

It’s Not About You

This is the top issue I notice in biographical information. It is acceptable to share accomplishments, processes, and vital business information. However, it’s rather undesirable to put the focus on yourself. This is usually evidenced in the repeated use of “I” in the content.

While formulating and writing,
keep in mind how the outcome of your 
product/service benefits your customer.

Biography Transformations begin with the right focus

When you shift your focus you transform your biography.

The thing is…sadly, your readers don’t care about you. Their concern is finding someone whose product or service solves their problem. But you can begin your biography transformation with this one step. Instead of saying “I do this…and I do that”, place the focus on the results of your skills, experience, product or service, and how those aspects help your customers/clients.

When you present your details in this manner, it takes the focus off of you because it is now result-driven and more about how you’re helping solve a problem.

Here’s an example from a recent About page biography rewrite.





I have been truly fortunate to have had training from the best of the best in the financial sector. I bring that wealth of experience, unbiased advice and affiliation with over 50 different lenders as I work with customers on securing the best possible mortgage that meets their needs.

I hope to have the opportunity to introduce you to a new level of service. Your mortgage will be treated just like I would care for the loan of an immediate family member from first contact through closing into servicing.


Jerry helps empower you with vital decision-making information, offering transparent solutions, and providing the best possible service to not only meet but also exceed your expectations.

Complementing his unmatched training in the financial sector is Jerry’s wealth of experience, unbiased advice, and an affiliation with over 50 different lenders, thus enabling him to secure the best possible mortgage to meet your particular needs.

Notice in the After rewrite how it’s tightened up, with the focus on the results you can expect. The next time you want to create a biography transformation while writing about yourself, take the pressure off of you. Think about the end result of what you offer, and your purpose for being in business.

Writing With A Goal

Random thoughts make for random results.

Biography Transformations Start With A Goal

Without a writing goal, what are you aiming for?

When thoughts are scattered, and information doesn’t flow it makes for difficult reading. On the other hand, with a particular goal in mind for your content and a natural progression of details, you’re on your way to a biography transformation.

To begin, decide what aspect of your history, experience, and skills is most important to how you do your work or deliver a service. And think about how this ties into your overall Mission. Lead with that thought, and expand on your idea so your story moves seamlessly, highlighting what you do best – in a way that is result-driven.

Again, in the excerpt from the About page example below, the client’s focus is on Client Service. And he aptly opens with that thought. The biography transformation expands on this main idea – providing substantiating content so readers are more apt to connect with him through his experiences.



For me, these words mean more than just excellent customer service. They inspire, guide and permeate my every dealing. They are the very core of my business.


Customer First.

“I am committed to exceeding your expectations.”
~Jerry Schindelheim

Why? Because customers come first!

And for Jerry, these words mean more than just excellent customer service. They inspire, guide and permeate every interaction and outcome, and represent the core of all business operations and activities

… However, it’s his desire to create a tailored and more personal customer experience for individual needs that guided his decision to focus on mortgages, resulting in his current career choice.

Uncovering Your Purpose

The complete rewrite for this particular About page biography shares the story of how this individual’s background, experience, and skills communicate his priority to deliver a top-notch customer experience with tailored service. That was his goal in presenting his information in a robust biography transformation.

Uncovering that goal doesn’t happen on its own though. His purpose was uncovered through our conversation, where I asked pointed questions about his business. The key questions being, “what is the ultimate message you want to get across?” and, “how do you want potential clients to view you and know what to expect from you?”

So when you’re ready to write, be prepared to ask yourself these questions as well.

You have all the points and details you need to create a great About page. Now, all you have to do is present it in a way that attracts more attention because you’re showcasing what’s in it for the reader. And when you do this it’s magical. Voilà! You’ve got your own biography transformation.

I hope you found value in these tips. Be sure to check out other articles on how to write better copy. And feel free to share with your colleagues if you believe this article is of value to them.

Your questions and comments are welcome. I appreciate your time and interest.


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