What's in your pre-listing package?

What’s in your pre-listing package?

What’s In Your Pre-Listing Package?

As a Realtor, you’re excited to drop off your pre-listing package to the seller and introduce yourself. Did you know that sharing information about your complete team of professionals delivers higher value in the eyes of the seller? Think about the material you include in your pre-listing package. What’s in it to make the seller sit up and give you serious consideration over your competitor?

According to The Real Estate Trainer’s strategies (as suggested in this video), including your biography is a key component to an influential packet. I agree. Furthermore, presenting your biography as the first item has more effect. The fact is, people want to know who they’re dealing with no matter what type of purchase or sale is taking place. People want to do business with people they know, like and trust.

To accomplish this feat, first ensure your biography is appealing in both appearance and content. Consider injecting your personality to allow the reader to get to know the real you. The personal you, outside of the world of real estate. Be sure to share your professional credentials and accomplishments that back up your claims. Show how you give back to your community too. Remember however that your bio page is not a sales page. It’s your chance to tell people about you, and to establish a connection and relationship. But don’t stop there…

Who Contributes To Your Marketing Strategy?

What about the experts you work with regularly when selling a home? Chances are you’re using a professional photographer, a professional stager, maybe even a professional copywriter (to write property descriptions for your listings or brochures). Are these individuals included as part of your team and mentioned in your pre-listing package? Are you including details about their skills as part of your home selling marketing strategy? Their bios are equally instrumental and carry a lot of weight in the overall effect of your package. They help paint a full picture about your business, of your professionalism and the results you bring to sellers.

Does your Pre-Listing Package share powerful information?

Does your Pre-Listing Package share powerful information?

Consider this: every time you sell a home, you employ a marketing strategy. Likely you’ve developed a system that works and simply roll it out each time. You’ve got tried and true methods, and may adapt it a little bit to accommodate each seller’s particular needs. But for the most part, there’s no need to reinvent the wheel, here right? So when you prepare your pre-listing package, here’s your chance to include your entire team in your strategy – to shine even more.

Here’s your chance to highlight what you’re doing differently. Use this opportunity to explain a novel approach you might be taking. Share details about how each team member’s special skills fill an essential role, and explain the results their contribution delivers to the overall success of your marketing plan to sell a home.

Here’s a secret...

I’ve studied a large number of Realtor websites and “team” pages. Few of Realtor sites even mention the fact that they engage these outsourced professional service providers as part of their ongoing home selling marketing plans. Fewer still include these trusted and expert team members’ biographies in their website pages. Chances are the same goes for the pre-listing packages they deliver. That represents a major missed opportunity to let sellers know how complete and polished your team and marketing efforts are on their behalf.

Mention your real estate photographer in your pre-listing package

Mention your real estate photographer in your pre-listing package

You see, when the seller notices that you’re maximizing every possible tool and resource at your disposal to market their beloved home, they have greater confidence in your claims and abilities to sell their home. What you’re showing them is that you’ve got a sophisticated plan of attack. You have your ducks in a row and they trust you. They’re now compelled to work with you…not another agent.

Systems That Work

Let me go back to “systems” for a moment. Systems create conditions for consistency and success. For instance (warning: *shameless plug here…), I use a *7-step writing system (applying proven copywriting principles and elements) with my own real estate clients when I write their property descriptions. Here’s what’s really cool…My clients make this fact known to their clients (i.e. the seller) during the pre-listing presentation.

They explain how this unique style of writing a property description attracts immediate attention and a more qualified buyer type. They may even show the seller a sample of an enhanced property description. And guess what? Sellers are impressed by what they learn and read. They realize how their home can be portrayed in words – in a way that paints a vivid picture for the potential buyer to base his/her decision upon.

In fact, sharing this secret (writing) weapon/information in their pre-listing package is winning those agents more listings (and more referrals).

So…are you using a special writing technique or system that you can boast about? If you’re not using a professional writer, then who ARE you working with? Whoever or whatever that key team member is, or whatever that secret weapon is, be sure to include details in the marketing plan of your pre-listing package.

If you’re not sure how to extract this detail, ask yourself, “who am I engaging, or what am I doing (that’s different/unique/novel) that creates an undeniable impact on the marketing results and sale of a home?”  Make it someone or something that stands out to the seller from your pre-listing package. Your goal is to give the seller a reason to choose your services over another agent’s.

So go on…boast about your complete team, or your unique methods and systems. Make that part of your complete marketing plan. Make the most of your pre-listing package and get that call-back.

I welcome your questions or comments about this article. Kindly leave your them below for me to respond to. And, thank you for your interest.

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