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With Easy-To-Follow Steps…

…It Literally Walks You
The Entire Process…

(~ Brad Dunn,
Direct Sales Copywriter, Maryland, USA)

Day after day, you wait…for that call, e-mail, or message from an potentially interested prospect. But all you hear is the hum of your computer. And crickets…and your coffee is cold. Drat!

Where are all the customers and clients you thought would be banging at your door? After all, you’ve built your website, sent out some tweets and shared your deets on Facebook and Instagram. You’re great at what you do. So why haven’t they shown up in droves?

Who The Heck Are YOU?

Accept it. Just because you’ve built it, doesn’t mean they’ll come. I wish it weren’t so. Sigh

Yet when no one knows about you, how will they find you, and why should they trust your abilities? You’ve got to get known. Luckily, there is a way to search out those clients and entice them to want to work with you, or want what you’re offering.

It only makes sense that you’ve got to carve out your own space in the sea of solo entrepreneurs and consultants in the marketplace. And at the same time, try not to appear like or be delivering the same messages or things as everyone else.

That’s why I believe direct mail marketing is the way to go, and Direct Success Mailing (Your Way) To Prosperity is the guide that will get you there.

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But maybe you haven’t considered direct mail because the process intimidates you or you’re not convinced of its potential.

Even, the great David Ogilvy (widely regarded as the Father of Modern Advertising) admitted that direct mail was a crucial piece to growing his business.

David Ogilvy on Direct Mail

To support his zeal for direct marketing further, part of his business strategy was to have new staff members work in direct response advertising for at least a year to learn sales techniques that work.

But you don’t have to wait another year or hire extra staff. You’re already a professional copywriter who understands what direct response is all about. For the record, it’s not as intimidating as you might imagine…

So if Rich believes using the Guide takes the mystery out of the process, why not put your skills to the test so you can market your business, get airborne, and set your own records? There’s no need to languish in obscurity any longer.

Just look at Steve Roller! He’s so hyped about the idea of direct mail as a great marketing tool that he request that I create this guide to share with you.

Steve Roller Endorses Direct Mail Guide


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This product is sold through and securely delivered via
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The OTHER Marketing Secret Weapon

These days, all the cool kids seem to have a penchant for digital marketing. They believe digital marketing is the only way to go. Too bad. Because they’re discounting one of the most tried and true marketing methods ever.

To this day direct mail continues to earn business owners more business and is still the most cost effective means of growing your reach and gaining new customers or clients, with statistics proving it beats out digital response rates.

DMA Direct Mail Response Rates

That’s a 3.638% response advantage over digital methods. Pretty impressive, wouldn’t you agree?

Oh The Opportunities

Why is the possibility for response and presence so strong? Well many companies have recently discontinued their direct marketing campaigns.

Why should you care? Because their absence means it’s less crowded. And that makes more room for you. That allows you to stand out even more – with fewer direct competitors.

And since not many professional copywriters are using this method to market their services, you’re way ahead of them. Can you envision the opportunities now?

On top of that…consider how stealthy and clever you are by undertaking this marketing method. Who’s going to be able to track and see what you’re up to now? No one except those who receive your material – by your hand-chosen selective process. Ah yeah! Your marketing secrets are safe.

On the other hand, using digital marketing permits anyone and everyone who subscribes to your mailings to access your secrets. You risk losing your edge to unscrupulous competitors subscribing to you – to keep an eye on what you’re doing – and with less-than kind intentions about your business’ fate. Gulp!

If you’re still not convinced direct mail is the way to go, why would mammoth companies like Google and Amazon use it as part of their marketing efforts? Because they know it works. Amazon (for instance), with its massive data list knows what people are buying. As a result, they target their audience with a personalized message quite easily, for better results.

Now Imagine your business’ state as you roll out consistent and ongoing communications that build up your presence and authority, by sending personalized letters that speak directly to your prospects’ needs. Just like David Ogilvy did.

I get it. Maybe you’ve heard about other direct mail campaigns that didn’t work out so well. However, the beauty of conducting your own campaign – using this guide – is that you create and control all aspects of it.

Starting with your targeted mailing list, choosing only prospects that appeal to your idea of who you want to work with. This is THE single most important key to your campaign. It’s essential to speak to only those who appear like they are well suited to what you’re offering.

You also get to control and create personalized information or sales pieces you send on a consistent basis that work to develop a rapport and speak to their souls. Eventually, your name is top of mind. You take up space in their heads and hearts. So much so they can’t deny you any longer.

They’re looking for your product or service. Because of your persistent direct mail crusade, you’ve won them over.

What’s The Big Deal?

In Direct Success – Mailing (Your Way) To Prosperity, you’ll discover
✓The importance of Project Tracking
✓How To Coral Your Ideas
✓The Importance of Timing
✓Package Preparation/Materials
✓Why Audience Definition Is Crucial
✓Creating Meaningful Mailing Lists
✓Mailing Materials and Process (the scary technical stuff)
✓Follow Ups and Why They Matter
✓And more

Alan Steacy on Direct Mail

But…if this sounds like too much work, or you’re satisfied with results from your current marketing efforts, this is not the solution for you.

And if you love working late into the night on a proposal where you have to convince that cold prospect why they should work with you – to no avail; or if taking jobs from sweat-shop like copy mills – churning out 1,000 words of copy for the paltry sum of $.01/word – satisfies your business aspirations, by all means, stop reading.

Ah, but don’t worry…

Your family and friends aren’t really missing you and your great personality at family activities or milestone occasions. You’re working hard so they can enjoy themselves.

Missing those ballet recitals will be but a distant memory to little Becky. Her tears will dry soon enough.

What about that Little League baseball game? Bah…Billy doesn’t really care. He understands your time is taken up writing, marketing, and selling hard, so he can have fun…even if it is without you.

On the other hand, if you want a dependable direct mail method to success you can be excited about –– that works for you –– that explains all the small, nagging behind-the-scenes steps that most people panic about or get stuck on…like formatting data and mail merging…Ugh…then “Direct Success – Mailing (Your Way) To Prosperity”, is the guide for you.


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This product is sold through and securely delivered via
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I’m sure you’ve seen other direct mail guides out there. They mostly do a good job of explaining the components of a direct mail campaign. I do that too. But are they showing you how to tackle the pesky administrative tasks that can stall your progress?

The reason why this “direct mail method to success” works so well is the ‘ease of use and understanding’ of this detailed how-to guide. 

Here’s what one colleague has to say about it as well:

Martha on Direct Mail

You see I’ve leveraged nearly 30 years of experience within an administrative background to show you – with screen captures and step…by…step…procedures – how to tackle the potentially vexing tasks of the process.

So if you’re curious about how you’ll…

  • Ensure only ideal prospects make it to your mailing list
  • Create and set up your list
  • Structure your campaign, mailing pieces and follow-ups
  • Set up your merge document so you can link it with your mailing list; and
  • Perform the merge process so you end up with the finished product that exudes professionalism and personal touch…

This guide provides the answers to your concerns.

And once you’ve mastered the process, you can take what you’ve learned from it and use it to help clients get more customers and sales too. It’s a win-win investment.

You’ve now got writing samples and response rate statistics to impress them with. Not to mention a feather in your cap if you’re trying out for a direct mail gig.

A Valuable No-Risk Investment

How much would you expect to spend on a guide that’s written exclusively for you, the professional copywriter, in mind? When you follow the simple instructions and commit to perfecting your campaign, the ROI possibilities get exciting.

Consider the value for example, if you mailed 20 letters per week, with a 5% response rate (not closing 5%, but 5%’response), then acquiring half of those as clients.

That could look like 1 out of 40 – or two new clients a month. Now how would that look to your bank account with say…a $500 service? Ooowee! You now have an extra $1,000 a month you wouldn’t have without this direct mail campaign. And with roughly $50 in expenses (i.e. $40 in postage and $10 in paper and envelopes), I’d say that’s some tasty results.

You don’t have to stop at 40 letters a month though. Why not 50, 100…or whatever tickles your fancy – increasing your potential results and growing your bank account faster.

In addition, what if those clients became ongoing (long-term) clients/gigs, generating a regular monthly income? You won’t have to continue an aggressive campaign forever. But if it works…hey, why stop? With a ‘secret weapon’ that’s slaying the competition and netting you clients, left, right, and centre, you may never want to give this up! But I digress…

So in just one month, you could pay for your guide…if it were priced at $997. And if it was priced at $497, you’d be turning a hefty profit in that first month. The value is certainly there for those kinds of prices.

But you’re not going to pay anything close to that. YOUR INTRODUCTORY PRICE IS…$97.00 (US) – enabling you to keep much more of the profits from those additional clients or gigs you’ll pick up.

When you invest in your guide, you’ll receive your personal PDF copy – to save and refer to whenever you need it, throughout the course of your campaign and business life, and my personal assistance should you need it.

Sure, you’ll find other similar guides on the market for even less. But they’re not aimed at you, or your particular needs. This guide presents great potential for consistent results – for copywriters in particular.

Look, I know you work hard to build a successful copywriting or solo entrepreneur business. I appreciate the struggle. I’m one too. And I don’t want to see you or your business disappear into obscurity because a challenging process stumps you. I’ve taken that challenge out of the equation for your convenience. If you follow the simple instructions, this guide can be your opportunity to take your results to new heights.

I want to be honest here…I can’t guarantee specific results once you start using direct mail. Your sales writing skills and the strength of the mailing list play a big part in your success, among other factors.

But if you’re not completely satisfied for any reason, I’ll happily refund your $97.00 (US). No questions asked. Just say the word.


Pay with credit card or PayPal.
This product is sold through and securely delivered via
A Publication from
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Or, you can keep doing what you’re doing now – scrambling and getting no recognition or authority in your market place – earning just enough to get by, and wasting your marketing investment dollars on other programs and guides.

I don’t believe that’s how you want to continue to operate though.

So take your copywriting expertise and transform your business into a marketing powerhouse, fuelled by Direct Success – Mailing (Your Way) To Prosperity – before your immediate competitors do.


Direct mail. The smart marketer’s underground operation and secret to success for 2017.

Join us. Get on board with your copy of Direct Success Mailing (Your Way) To Prosperity.

Here’s to your campaign success,

Shelly Moreau
Professional Copywriter
Shelly Moreau Copywriting Services

P.S. The direct mail method to success guide is what small-business owners like you need to win the race to client acquisition. But if you run into difficulties, do reach out. I’ll gladly walk you through what’s stumping you. That’s my value-added promise.


Pay with credit card or PayPal.
This product is sold through and securely delivered via
A Publication from
 Shelly Moreau Copywriting Services


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