An Emotional Conversation Hooked Me

Allow me to share a few insights about the impact an emotional plea or element creates, and the power it has on your decision-making (or buying) process. This gets rather personal, but what the heck. Here goes…

Then I Sat Up And Took Notice…
Emotional Stories Reach Deep

What’s Your Story? Make An Emotional Appeal

A few months back I met with a new business acquaintance to get to know him and his business better. During the course of our conversation, he shared details of his wife’s physical struggles and journey, and finally, the significant success she achieved after using a particular weight loss system.

The transformation was astounding. I sat up and took notice. Why?

Because I was experiencing similar challenges. And this solution looked like something I could do for myself and achieve similar results. Results that have eluded me for years.

As he continued talking, I envisioned how my new self would look: I’d be fitter and healthy again. I’d exude more confidence. I’d have better ease of mobility and overall…less pain. I was hooked.

And so I made the decision to embark on my new journey. And as I was progressing, I thought more and more about the impact of the emotional connection I felt through this person (let’s call her Linda) – Linda’s – story, and how it related to my own profession.

Emotional Impact Possibilities

You see, writing or sharing a story with an emotional edge allows you to create a more vivid image of the challenge, the possible solution, and potential results of your product or service. The impact is clear and the reasons for writing with emotion are numerous.

Buying is an emotional activity

Buying Is Emotional

Buying Is An Emotional Experience With High Stakes

The buying process is wrought with angst, worry, and justification – among other emotions. It’s not always a logical process. And the higher the price tag, the more emotions get in the way (and freebies and special deals don’t apply). So when you’re able to appeal to the potential buyer’s concerns through a supporting emotional statement, you’re saying that you understand their plight. You’re talking on the same level. You made them feel comfortable, and they now trust what you’re telling them because you get their challenges and experiences. You’ve gained a confidante who is more likely to take the next step.

The Picture You Paint

And how many times have you received a piece in the mail the that tugs on your hear strings? Feed the poor. Support this medical research. Help this person; change their life. Did you take action and send support? Chances are you did. These are all effective emotional appeals, used in the course of some kind of direct mail campaign. You can’t help but take action.

And if you wanted to market a product or service, how about a “Save, save, save” message? Or, you could guarantee better results, free shipping, a two-for-one deal, or increased revenue, and proven sales results. There are lots of emotional possibilities you can tap into. And when you combine this with the image of the end result – through your writing and message – you remove objections. Again, creating a strong communication that builds on trust and urges folks to take action.

Personal Vulnerability

So what about the personal story I talked about above? Linda’s story shows great vulnerability. She shares her personal health and weight issues. And then finally finds the solution. She tells how she applied that solution/system, and overcame her challenges to achieve great results. It was greatly inspirational to me as well, and I applaud her for her bravery.

I recognized the value and the outcome in her journey. It’s what brought on my “aha moment” and compelled me to take action. Linda’s story created that critical personal connection. I’ve met Linda, and we’re now fiends. She continues to guide me in my own trek through weight loss. I’m beyond grateful for her help and support.

Emotional Challenges and Shared Experiences

Sharing an emotional experience creates better connections.

Can you see the importance of emotional writing and stories?

And when you’re able to do this in your marketing messages, you increase your influence and possible results. But don’t make stuff up. Your story and message have to be genuine.

People are not stupid. Any hint of untruthfulness is detectable and you’ll lose your chance for a meaningful connection, relationship or possibly a sale down the road.

Ultimately, I encourage you…don’t be shy to tap into some type of emotional request when you communicate with people – either through writing or other means. Who knows what kind of responses or results you’ll experience? So go on…get emotional.

If you found the points in this article helpful or inspirational, I’d love to hear from you in the comments box. And be sure to have a look at some of my other articles if you’d like more tips about creating better copy.

In the meantime, thanks for your interest and for sharing…


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