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As a professional content writer, I have noticed many pieces of sales copy that focus on the features of a product. However, features alone do not create interest in your product or service. Your sales copy should also convey your business’ value to clients and prospects. But to do this, you need to highlight what your business does to help people. In other words, you need to show what benefits your product has to offer!

Here’s a thought experiment: Do you buy a new car because it has 4 doors, 4 wheels and an engine? Or do you buy a car for the freedom, convenience and status it gives you? This example shows the difference between a car’s features (doors, wheels and engine) and its benefits (freedom, convenience, status). The features of a product or service are what it is and what it does. Benefits are why people buy!

If you as a business owner struggle with how to use features and benefits effectively in your promotional material, the help of a content writer through a freelance writing service can do wonders for your sales campaigns. A writing service will give you access to content writers who are experts in helping you identify your product’s benefits by assessing what the features are, how the customer will use it, what problem the product will solve, and how it will make your customer feel good.

Once you and your content writer have figured out what the benefits of your product are, the next step is to produce effective sales copy to convey the benefits. To do that, a content writer will tell a story about your customer’s need, and the answer to those needs. Investing in a writing service will ensure that the benefits of your product are the solutions to your customers’ problems.

Business owners often don’t have time in their busy schedules to come up with effective sales copy. Outsourcing your copywriting to a writing service means that you will have a professional content writer who can focus their full attention on conveying what your business has to offer. A freelance writing service can ensure you avoid a failed sales campaign and lost revenue by helping you to identify your features and benefits, and by using them to prepare effective copy for your campaigns.

This article was written by a guest blogger.



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