From Potential To Results – How Certain Are You?

How do you go from potential to results? Where do you start? Perhaps start with the end in mind – what do you want to achieve? Next, figure out what your motivator is, create a ritual or system, and follow through, step by step.

Are You Staring At Success or Status Quo?

Are You Staring At Success or Status Quo?
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It sounds easier said than done, right? But Tony Robbins puts it all into perspective in his video that speaks to the cycle of belief and certainty. His analogies, lay out a path to get you well on our way to success. Here’s my own take on it, for what it’s worth.

Fear As Prime Motivator

It all starts with fear. About what life would be like if we didn’t follow through on our intentions, dreams or aspirations – the fear of missing out on what could have been. Think about how much better your life could be when you conquer that fear. When you change potential to results.

What excites you? What do you think you’re capable of? That’s what you need to envision and chase after.

Start by doing one thing a day, every day, on a consistent basis to condition your mind. Get yourself in a perfect state where you look forward to doing this thing every day. Reaching this state creates the right conditions for you to want to follow through.

What would happen if you continued on the same path, or if you didn’t succeed? Get clear about why this is a must for you. Why do you need to master this area in life that can create some freedom? Study and master one subject or skill/week. And make ongoing progress toward the goal you set (whether that’s monetary or a level of success). This is what leads you from potential to results, and momentum is key.

“The breakthrough happens by conditioning your mind every day. By feeding it a role model or story. Putting yourself in a peak state when you follow through…It’s creating a little ritual – a little bit each day – and then you get momentum.” Tony Robbins

Since some people prefer visual reference, I though it would useful to have a chart explaining the concept. So in a nutshell, this is my interpretation of the cycle of belief and certainty.

From Potential to Results - The Path is Set

From Potential to Results – The Path is Set


What is Your WHY?

The most important thing in this exercise is what you start out with – WHY.  Why is this a must for you? What’s your reason for the need to succeed?

Determine your Why, and come up some daily rituals to take you from potential to results. Do it one step at a time. Define something that you’re hungry for and obsess over.

And if you’re not hungry (if you don’t have the motivation yet), surround yourself with people that are successful to get inspired to do better…to change your standards. When you realize you want those better things, it creates an excitement and desire to find a way to work toward those goals.

Seeing Is Believing

The difference between accomplishing those goals, and letting them go stale lies in your belief in and envisioning of your potential for success; conditioning your mind and body that you will succeed, and finding a way to do that.

The one word that defines the difference in someone following through on his or her aspirations is Certainty.

When you believe strongly enough (for example) that if you accomplish this one thing, it will lead to those desired results, and in turn those results will change your life (for the better), you’re more apt to follow through – on a continual basis.

“Whatever the mind can conceive and believe the mind can achieve” – Napoleon Hill

Believing and certainty push you to find a way to get from potential to results. Where there is little belief for potential, little or no action is taken. Thus, little results or success occur, leading to less motivation to act, and less potential in the long run. The dream dies. Don’t let your dream die.

Now, all of this does not replace the need for hard work of course. The point is, with your motivator (WHY) determined, a system in place, and the belief that you can succeed, you have the right frame of mind and a plan to achieve bigger and better things.

So go after what you believe in, and here’s to your success!


Disclaimer: This article is not a statement that this is a foolproof system, or that I endorse any particular means of achieving success. It’s simply a take on what drives us and how motivation and potential for results are perceived then acted upon to achieve our goals and results.

To learn more about what drives success, and about Tony Robbins’ words on the cycle of belief and certainty, enjoy his entire video.

I’d also like to hear about how you’re dealing with belief, certainty, potential and action. Please share your comments. 



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