…A Realtor Tested and Endorsed System

On a scale of 1 to 10, how dissatisfied are you with your listings results, or at losing listings and sales to other Realtors? What’s your competitor got that you don’t? Want to be the go-to Realtor with the secret weapon to winning more listings while grabbing more attention from buyers?

While your competition is busy still using old school marketing techniques, you emerge out of the blue; overtaking them; winning listing after listing; and off to viewings at breakneck speed. Simultaneously, you’re impressing and attracting sellers and other agents. Why? Because you’re using this novel writing system as an integral part of your pre-listing package and bold new marketing strategy.

If you’re looking for an inventive way to attract immediate attention to your home sales marketing from sellers and pre-qualified and interested homebuyers, here’s THE SOLUTION you’ve been waiting for:

A Realtor’s Checklist to Boost Sales Results From Property Descriptions explains how to write property descriptions to entice and compel buyers to call you and to see the house you’re describing. Other agents are scratching their heads and scrambling to learn your secret. On top of that, sellers love the way you’re portraying and marketing their beloved homes.

A Realtor’s Checklist to Boost Sales Results From Property Descriptions is a seven-step process where you master the skill of creating an emotional and unforgettable connection with potential buyers. It’s all about sharing the home’s benefits, as you apply the proven copywriting principles to your real estate writing. 


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How would you like to achieve this kind of result?

RE/MAX Excalibur realtor Kris Anderson, turned around three properties in three weeks.
And on of those (a condo) sold in one day…

She believes in the Checklist system’s results and lays it on the line for you here.

Get More Listings, Sell Morea Homes - Kris Anderson Endorses "A Realtor's Checklist"

Get More Listings, Sell More Homes – Kris Anderson Endorses “A Realtor’s Checklist”

Listings Are Your Sales Letters To Homebuyers

Think of your listing or home sales marketing material as your sales letter to the potential homebuyer. A good sales letter conveys an image that allows the reader to see himself/herself benefiting from what you’re offering. It tells the reader/buyer everything important they need to know to make an educated decision about whether or not to entertain your offer.

A good sales message eliminates doubts and objections in the potential buyer’s mind. And your job as a Realtor – when presenting a home for sale – is to accomplish the same task. That’s where your detailed listing descriptions come in.

That’s how you make a world of difference in the attention you garner and calls you receive. When those descriptions are mesmerizing to the potential buyer. They can’t turn away from what you’ve shown them. And don’t discount the impression this has on the seller – seeing his/her beloved home presented in such an adored manner as you show them your clever and novel marketing strategy.


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Not Just For MLS Listings

What you learn from the Checklist is versatile and can be applied in various areas of your business and marketing needs. 

Whether for lengthy descriptions, a full brochure or features sheet, an ad, a dedicated website description, or other marketing material related to the properties you want to sell, your message gets results.

You see, you can launch all the marketing and advertising campaigns you want, but if your message falls flat or doesn’t engage the buyer’s interest, you’ve wasted your time, and more importantly, your hard-earned money.

And once you master these easy-to-learn steps and principles, you’ll be an expert writer in your own right…ready to tackle even the most challenging home description, feature brochure content or other material.

Imagine if you will…

You’ve just posted a listing with an enhanced home description (on MLS for instance). It’s for a property you’ve just taken over from another agent. It’s been on the market for months. There have been a few visits, but no genuine interest or offers. What could the problem be? Here’s how to turn the situation around…

Using what you know from A Realtor’s Checklist, your description is unlike any other (for similar homes in the same area.) Now it’s attracting a more desired buyer type. A buyer that fits the lifestyle you’ve identified. And you’re not wasting your time, or the buyer’s showing them something they’re not actually searching for or interested in. 

In fact, your description stands out like a sore thumb. But in a good way. Why?

Because you’re using a unique writing method to get your message across in a powerful way. It’s getting more attention than the other listings…and you’re getting calls. Lots of authentic calls.

Isn’t that the point of a listing?

 Humph! What Do I Know?

A Realtor’s Checklist to Boost Sales Results From Property Descriptions

Author of: A Realtor’s Checklist to Boost Sales Results From Property Descriptions

A former Administrative Assistant with plenty of writing experience throughout my career, I turned to professional copywriting in 2012 to do what I love…write. Early on I discovered how one real estate agent in Austin, TX applies copywriting and advertising principles to his descriptions to achieve great success. It’s innovative and it works for him. (And here’s a secret: his background is in Advertising.)

I learned what I could from him so I could evolve in my business, writing style and methods, and to better serve my clients.

That’s how I came to specialize in real estate writing and now work with clients across Canada and the USA.

That’s also how I was compelled to create and develop my methods and systems further. My goal is to create conditions for consistent, results-oriented descriptions for my clients. This system accomplishes that.

I believe this is a revolutionary, and unique system.
Every realtor should have this resource in their writing arsenal.

Your Complete Property Description Toolbox

My writing method works great for my clients. So much so, that I decided to convert the tool into something other realtors could take advantage. Many agents prefer to write for themselves and not hire a writer to do their listing descriptions. That’s fine as long as you’re producing high quality messages in the meantime.

A Realtors Checklist helps you excel to…

✓ Attract immediate attention – using strong headlines and lead-ins to draw instant appeal to your listing

✓ Generate meaningful and serious interest – by writing to your intended buyer (profile) and appealing to their lifestyle dreams

✓ Create a powerful emotional connection – by allowing readers to envision how it might be to live in the home, through benefit-laden descriptions

✓ Elicit a desire to learn moreby sharing enticing and alluring details that create intrigue and interest, and

✓ Prompt potential buyers to take action – by creating so much excitement and a connection to what they’ve just read, that they are compelled to call you for a visit.

The beauty is you’ll be accomplishing all of this – and won’t need to pay a professional writer.

In your copy of the resource I’ve amped up the detail and instruction big time, and fine-tuned the content to include the 7 critical copywriting secrets you need to boost your productivity and success rate.

You might think I’m cutting myself out of job here. I’m not worried though. And I believe it’s important to share what you know so others can grow too. So I’m conveying my experience and know-how to you in a way that’s makes sense and is easy to implement – for your immediate use and profit.

I’m confident this resource is so valuable it will become
a key component in your home selling marketing strategy.

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Does the description even matter?

You bet it does. In fact, here’s what a few clients say about the relevance and importance of a good listing description, and the role the Checklist (as a tool) plays in that process (when I write for them):

Get More Listings, Sell More Homes - Realtors Checklist Survey

Get More Listings, Sell More Homes – Realtors Checklist Survey

Sondra Petermann-Williams, "A Realtor's Checklist" Testimonial - Get More Listings Sell More Homes - Faster

Sondra Petermann-Williams, “A Realtor’s Checklist” Testimonial

Let me repeat…I do the writing for these clients in this case. Using the original version of the Checklist, I gather the details necessary to write the best possible description for clients.

And once you learn how to write like a pro, you’ll be racking up the commissions, along with the accolades from sellers.

There’s something to be said for having a system in place to create consistent conditions for successful outcomes.

But did you know that homebuyers are also hungry for better descriptions?

Here’s what a few of them tell me about what matters when looking for or selling a home – or what gets them on the phone to schedule a viewing when buying.

(Disclosure Note: Individuals were shown two descriptions. Number One was a commonly written description, showing a common list of features. Number Two was an enhanced description using the copywriting principles I teach you about in the Checklist guide. The enhanced method relays the benefits of the home and how the homebuyer might take advantage of them.)

I asked which they would act upon and why…

Get More Listings, Sell Morea Homes - Even Homebuyers Are Hungry for a Checklist System

Even Homebuyers Are Hungry for a Checklist System


A Realtor’s Checklist to Boost Sales Results From Property Descriptions is perfect for Realtors and agents who want to sharpen their writing skills, learn a no-nonsense system to write an exceptional property description that creates buyer excitement, and attracts meaningful attention to your home selling marketing strategies.

When you invest in your business growth and production through this unique resource, here’s what you get:

  • A Realtor’s Checklist To Boost Sales Results From Property Descriptions  A receipt for your purchase, and an e-mail including your downloadable PDF copy of this (with over 15 pages of detailed writing instruction) guide delivered immediately upon payment.

And inside the guide you’ll discover the unique seven-step system for writing outstanding property descriptions so you stay steps ahead of your competitors. And you’ll learn how to

  1. Attract the right buyers to visit the home you’re selling
  2. Position the property for best selling strategy
  3. Make sure the details you share fulfill the lifestyle of the buyer you’ve identified
  4. Allow the potential buyer to envision him/herself enjoying and taking advantage of the home and all it offers
  5. Strategize for better attraction when selling challenges or objections get in the way of an offer
  6. Make the most of photographs that accompany your descriptions to enhance and support your marketing material
  7. Immediately grab the attention of serious buyers
  • Detailed instruction – Your guide reveals everything you need so you can make the most of the copywriting principles you’re learning about and create descriptions to stand out and capture the attention you want – and to get improved results.
  • The Checklist Tool – This will be your go-to instrument for every listing and in every pre-listing marketing strategy presentation. Print it out. Keep copies on hand. Now you can use it for every home you’re marketing. The Checklist tool

❖ Summarizes the seven steps as a reminder of what information to extract and concentrate on
❖ Has dedicated space to jot down ideas and details about the house you’re marketing, and
❖ Provides a convenient means of keeping your best ideas in one place and with the client file, for easy access when it’s time to write.

  • A Before/After property description – When you see the comparison between a common write up and an enticing benefit laden description, you’ll understand how powerful words play such a vital role in enticing the buyer.

So if you’re looking for a way to
✓ Become noticed and remarkable to sellers, buyers and other agents
✓ Get more calls
✓ Increase your productivity
✓ Revolutionize your writing style, and
✓ Impress sellers with a marketing strategy that includes a secret weapon…

A Realtor’s Checklist to Boost Sales Results From Property Descriptions is THE system for you.

Now that I know all this about “A Realtor’s Checklist to Boost Sales Results From Property Descriptions”, I want it to be my go-to resource to fulfill my real estate writing needs. I want to…


Pay with credit card or PayPal.
This product is sold through and securely delivered via
A Publication from
 Shelly Moreau Copywriting Services

Still not sure? Maybe you’re thinking the pricing is prohibitive for a product that delivers ongoing, noticeable results, and produces increased sales possibilities. Not so!

You get A Realtor’s Checklist
To Boost Sales Results From Property Descriptions
for the price of $85.00(US) (and it’s a one-time payment). 

You read that right…a mere $85.00 (US). Who can argue with that?

So for less than the price of hiring a professional writer to write just one alluring description for an MLS listing (for instance),
✓ You’ll own your personal copy of the resource
✓ Have the most impressive pre-listing package and marketing strategy secret weapon in your arsenal
✓ Get more listings, sell more homes – Faster
✓ Master the method and 7 principles, and

✓ Turn out the strongest and most captivating descriptions and marketing writing you’ll need to get the results you desire.

…That’s a one-time investment that you benefit from each and every time you post a new listing, from here on out.

Look, how much time are you’re wasting now writing ineffective or lacklustre marketing material or property descriptions? Are they performing to your or the sellers’ expectations? No? Are they achieving results? Well all that is about to change.

This is a unique and new system. In fact, I’m confident you wont’ find another like it on the market right now.

I’m confident you’ll be an expert in using the principles outlined in the resource. But if it happens that things seem complicated and you’d like some guidance, I’m offering a session of one-on-one training so you can take full advantage and get everything you’d expect out of your investment. That way you start benefiting from it sooner rather than later.

In that case, simply e-mail me (my contact information is available inside A Realtor’s Checklist). Outline your question/issue, and we’ll schedule a one-hour session to go over your area(s) of concern so you have the clarity to move forward to create fantastic writing.

But I’ve written the resource with all the details you’ll need. And I’m convinced you’ll be a pro at writing listing descriptions and won’t need additional consultation.

Ok, Shelly…I’m ready, and want to make this resource the foundation of my home marketing strategies. It’s a super value at $85.00(US). And I can’t wait to see continued benefits from it, once I master the system.


Pay with credit card or PayPal.
This product is sold through and securely delivered via
A Publication from
 Shelly Moreau Copywriting Services

I’m certain this will be one of the best investments in your real estate career.

Best Regards and Happy Writing,

Shelly Moreau
Professional Copywriter
Shelly Moreau Copywriting Services

P.S. A Realtor’s Checklist To Boost Sales Results From Property Descriptions is loaded with value for your real estate writing needs. It’s developed to deliver the best opportunity for you to shine, and to create listing descriptions to support home sales marketing like no other.

But don’t delay…your competitors are already one step ahead. Ohand remember, I’m here to provide after-support if you run into trouble.


Okay, okay, Shelly…I like what I’ve read . I’m anxious to expand and grow my business using the 7-steps in “A Realtor’s Checklist To Boost Sales Results From Property Descriptions.” I want to get more listings, sell more homes, and become a listing description-writing expert now. So please…


Pay with credit card or PayPal.
This product is sold through and securely delivered via
A Publication from
 Shelly Moreau Copywriting Services