Get Sellers To Flock to You

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Market It Right

Get Sellers To Flock To You

When you’re only as good as your next home sale, the pressure is on. And that means always for Realtors. So how can you get sellers to flock to you? What’s the secret to attracting more sellers and winning more listings?

I’m going to keep this short. It’s  about how you do things bigger, better, smarter and faster than your competitor. It’s about showing the seller how you’re going to market the heck out of their home, to get it sold. For top dollar. In an acceptable time frame. Attracting authentic attention. And with as little inconvenience as possible to the seller.

Being On Top Of Your Game

And that means having a marketing system in place that’s proven to get results for your clients and to get sellers to flock to you. That’s right. I’m big on systems, so I’m going to harp on this again. Because systems are developed over time based on tested, proven and applied principles and methods – and success stories. And the beauty of a system is that you can tweak it. As you move forward, you may discover new or more effective processes. Consider adapting them over time to streamline and improve your results from its use.

You see systems create conditions for ongoing growth and success. And more specifically, why would you not want to have a good home selling/marketing system in place? Especially when the very reason your real estate business exists is to get listings and sell homes.

That’s why marketing is everything – in conjunction with it’s message. You can do all the marketing in the world, but if the message fails, so does your marketing effort. Strategies and message impact your business on many levels, internally and externally. While many Realtors have a decent grasp of marketing concepts and principles and are open to new and innovative ideas, many are not.

For instance, did you know that many principles and concepts of copywriting are valuable and applicable to the real estate industry – if you’re open to exploring them? Those who are willing to consider these new ideas have more opportunities for marketing success. But Realtors who fly by the seat of their pants with no real plan, and no grasp on the importance of marketing strategies or systems may be doomed to fail. Hoping for the best is not a strategy. Those Realtors are here today…gone tomorrow. Don’t be that Realtor.

Let People Know About Your System

But your marketing system doesn’t function in a vacuum. If you build it you do have to let people (I mean sellers) know about it. Let them know the results you’ve achieved for other clients. Explain how your marketing strategy helps them achieve their own results…to sell the home. Become known as “the Realtor with the killer marketing system”. That’s how you get sellers to flock to you…in great numbers. Get known. Get trusted. Get referrals.

Without Proven Systems How Will You Get Sellers To Flock To You

Without Proven Systems How Will You Get Sellers To Flock To You

Ultimately, the perfect place to do this is through your pre-listing package presentation. Again. It’s all about the marketing. Marketing yourself. Your skills. Your results. Your business. Having a great message to deliver. And about your proven system. Don’t be shy about flaunting it on your website too. Don’t give away all your secrets there though. At the very least, let your audience know you’re on the ball about marketing, and don’t forget to invite them to connect with you to learn more.

One more thing. If you have a “secret weapon” incorporated into your marketing strategy…even better. Hint at your secret in public. Share just enough to create intrigue and curiosity. Get people to connect with you. But only divulge your secret in private, via your pre-listing package and presentation to the seller.

So get out there. Be confident in your abilities and systems and get sellers to flock to you. And if you’re in need of more tips or guidance on how you can develop your personal system, or how to write about it, connect with me any time to discuss.

Your questions and comments on this subject and others are welcome. I’d love to know your thoughts below. Thanks for your interest in the meantime.

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