Why Share This Property Description Feature?

Dear Real Estate Agents:

How much are you keeping out of your property description that might sway your potential homebuyer’s decision?

Homebuyers look to your property descriptions first to learn about all the features, amenities and benefits of a home and property – to see if it’s a good match for their needs.

But what are you leaving out of that initial introduction to the home that could really influence the buyer – possibly even pre-sell him? Now this might seem like a nit-picky item, but what about Wi-Fi accessibility or possible Internet services?

What The Property Description Should Say…

Take for instance:

A busy corporate type, wants to relocate to a more quiet, rural setting. He wants more privacy and some land to putter around on. Yet, he also wants to be able to work from home occasionally. You know…avoid the trek in horrid weather, maybe catch up on things over the weekend.

But as he’s looking over the property descriptions, he can’t seem to find a description that says, “Hey, we have what you’re looking for.” – i.e. Internet access/availability.

And that doesn’t just go for this guy.

In fact, according to an article from The Canadian Press, Published Tuesday, July 29, 2014 12:51PM EDT, working from home is…

 …part of a growing trend of self-employed and contract workers which, according to some US figures, make up nearly 15 per cent of the workforce and is expected to climb to nearly 20 per cent by 2020…

When internet connectivity is included in the property descriptions, buyers are pre-sold

When internet connectivity is included in the property descriptions, buyers are pre-sold

And with that in mind, Internet connectivity and access plays a key role in choosing a home for more and more buyers. So why not let folks know up front about that feature (aka the benefit of being able to telecommute). Tell them immediately in the property descriptions. Let them know it’s part of the home and property package. And, if there is no availability, share that information just the same.

Where’s Your Checklist?

When I work with clients to gather information for a property description, that’s one of the things on my checklist I look out for. Apart from needing to know about the main characteristics, features, and benefits of the home/property, I also want to know about the little things – amenities that might be overlooked by some, but are essential to others.

And what else do you need if you work at home? That’s right…office space. As you’ll note in this Forbes article, entitled: 5 Things Home Buyers Want In 2013, from October 5, 2013 (See item no. 3 in the list), it seems to be another important deciding factor for today’s home buyers.

And while I have seen property descriptions that include information about office space, rarely (if ever) does it include details about Internet connectivity. I wonder how many more enquiries, or quicker sales would have taken place if that information had been made available immediately.

 Imagine this scenario:

You’ve sold a luxury home to a corporate type. He’s married to a busy wife who volunteers, and has three socially active teenagers. You can only imagine their Internet needs. Now, the home they’ve bought is perfect; plenty of bedrooms and bathrooms, large kitchen, open concept living space, and an office. Yay.

Moving day comes. They unpack. Mr. Corporate man sets up his office and discovers…there’s no Internet connection. In fact there’s no availability in that area at all. There never was. There might not be in the future. That information was not discussed or divulged during the course of the property visits, or buying process. Yikes. Now what?

That’s a disastrous scenario for the homeowner. But what about your reputation? Will it suffer? Perhaps.

And perhaps it could have been avoided by simply including this vital information within the property description. These days, most people desire to be connected, whether they have kids or not. It’s wise to let them know up front about this feature – whether it is or is not available.

And maybe you’ve never faced this situation as a real estate agent, or it doesn’t concern you. I thought it was worth a mention though…just in case. Pre-sell; avoid potential misunderstanding, save face. And when the buyer doesn’t need the service, there’s no harm done either.

So, all that to say, it’s better to provide more information, than not enough. Remember…the right message sells. This is a small detail, but an important one to many people these days.


Now I’d love to know what little bits of information you feel are essential to sharing with your potential homebuyers – that you feel makes a difference. And do give me your feedback on this article. I’d love to know your thoughts. Was it helpful, did it give you food for thought?


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Thank you.