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Independent Real Estate Writing and Business Copywriter

An Independent Writer & Real Estate Copywriter…
What You Need To Know

Way Back When…

Before becoming a professional copywriter I worked in varied administrative environments, in private, public and not-for-profit agencies for nearly 30 years.

My introduction to writing came through working at The National Gallery of Canada, in the Communications and Marketing department (beginning in 1988). I had this boss who would always say, Shelly, I love the way you have with words.” 

I  laughed it off at the time, not realizing how prophetic that was.

Next thing I knew…that boss was asking me to to draft, edit and work on numerous documents. And my love affair with words and writing blossomed further.

Over the years, I developed better writing skills and was involved in document writing for board meetings, policy and strategic planning documents, how-to and procedures documents, and much more.

Get To The Copywriting Stuff Already…

Independent Copywriter Profile PhotoIn 2012 I made the leap into Copywriting. I’m still enthralled with how much more creative and influential this medium is.

What’s more? It’s a concrete way of helping many other business owners to achieve better results from their marketing and promotional messages.

I’m continuously drawing on my past experience and the writing skills I gained as I develop useful information products (five to date) to share with business owners. My most recent is on the subject of strategic planning – a subject that guides me every day in my current business.

Through this mini-guide, I aim to help other small-business owners to develop or fine-tune their business strategies so they have a clear visualization of how to achieve their goals.

In terms of copywriting services…I specialize in writing real estate listing descriptions, as well as helping Real Estate professionals with marketing strategies or other writing needs.

I continue to work with business owners in varied industries as well – to help them overcome writing challenges, develop long-term strategies, or guide them toward a solution to the problems preventing them from moving forward in their growth and success.

What’s New

I’m honoured to have been invited (by the good folks at Skillshare.com) to teach an on-line course on…wait for it… Strategic Planning. And on May 5th, 2017, I added the title of “Teacher” to my skill set.

This course is based on the strategic planning mini-guide I recently published. It’s aimed at small-business owners and solo entrepreneurs, and presented in a seven-part, step-by-step video series.

It comes complete with a class project for creating Vision and Mission Statements that guide your purpose and activities, lots of additional support material, and the customized guide – adapted specifically for this course – that leads participants to creating their map to long-term business success.

Check it out here, and sign up for a free month’s access to all the other great business courses offered on the platform too. I hope to develop more courses for small-business owners and solo entrepreneurs in future.

In the Community

Outside of client work I manage a (FREE TO JOIN) Facebook Group, especially for Real Estate industry professionals. It’s a relaxed space to pick up tips; learn from blog articles; participate in Q & As; and take advantage of information documents posted. If you’re a real estate professional or in a related building/support industry be sure to check it out here, at Real Estate Writing and Marketing Tips. 

I’m honoured to have worked with Centurion K9 PTSD Service Dogs to help propel their fundraising initiatives, and other promotional or strategic material they want to see evolve to become more effective. Centurion K9 is an Ottawa based (not-for-profit) organization that rescues, trains and provides life-saving service dogs to deserving sufferers of PTSD (recipients are Ottawa area first responders – police, fire, EMTs, military – active or retired – servicemen/women). A worthwhile organization to be sure.

When I’m Not Being A Writer…

Oil Painting - Early Winter Morning, Shelly Moreau

Oil Painting – Early Winter Morning, Shelly Moreau

I’m also an artist. My preferred medium is oil.

That inspiration came from working at the National Gallery of Canada, especially from Canadian artists.

Personally, I love to paint winter landscapes. I must admit, my biggest inspiration comes from (Dutch-born) artist, Cornelius Kreighoff, and his depiction of native and settlers’ everyday life in the late 19th century…most in winter scenes.

© Shelly Moreau - Beautiful Winter Morning

Photograph – © Shelly Moreau – Beautiful Winter Morning

But photography is my biggest love and favourite pass time since acquiring my first little Casio digital camera in 2006.

Its’ not unusual to take 1,500 shots on a week’s vacation. Mostly landscapes, flowers, insects and farm life. And the occasional winter landscape.

In The Publications Department…

I believe it’s important to share what you know so others can grow, so I’ve worked hard to produce informative publications (including two Info-graphics) for business owners who want to enhance their writing skills and business longevity.

To date, subjects cover copywriting principles, real estate writing, direct mail marketing, and of course, strategic planning.

Click here to learn more interesting details about these publications, or to score your personal copy for your business needs.

I Want To Learn About You Now, Business Owner

This is me – Shelly – asking you now…What challenges are you facing as a business owner, and how can I help you move past them? Here are some of the services you might consider, to get you unstuck. If something stands out as a possible solution for you, let’s talk.