Writing For Your Success

Becoming an independent writer

Independent Writer at Pre-school age

Shelly Moreau (top right) – Young Word Loving Enthusiast (back in 1970), and little brother (lower left) looking on in awe. 🙂

In 2012 I made the transition to independent writer. Heck, it only took me 50 years to heed the call. I finally gave in to my love for words. It just took me a while to get there. 

And copywriting is so much more satisfying and creative than the writing I did for nearly 30 years (prior) in an administrative capacity. Don’t get me wrong…those years were crucial and formative. It’s where I truly discovered my love for writing and honed those skills (before discovering and mastering copywriting). 

I love to help business owners achieve better results through their written messages. Being an independent writer allows me to fulfill that interest.

I’m a logical and strategic thinker…

In support of my writing career, I continue to draw on my previous career skills as I strategize and work to determine the best approach for your writing and business goals. 

You see I’m a logical and strategic thinker by nature. So I use a calculated approach to better understand your situation, where you’re at, where you intend to go – through your written material. I’m also forward thinking which comes in handy to help you avoid obstacles – so your progress isn’t stalled.

When we collaborate, you can count on my

✓ Ability to learn about your internal processes and procedures – so I can develop necessary steps to complete tasks or projects (critical for producing how-to guides, or internal procedures type documents)
✓ Questions about your business and current situation – so I understand your writing challenges and the potential implications on your business.
✓ Analysis of the situation – so we come up with the best possible strategies for your specific goals and intentions.
✓ Delivering a clear scope of work for a project – so you know what to expect from me.
✓ Presenting your intended message with power – so it generates more interest and better results for your business
✓ Conveying the value of your goods or services to your audience clearly – so they’re compelled to take action.
✓ Words to deliver greater impact on your audience’s perception of you – so you establish a deeper connection, allowing them to 
develop trust in you.

Reach out now to talk about how we can accomplish this for your business through enhanced writing.

Other work

I’m also honoured to have worked with Centurion K9 PTSD Service Dogs to help enhance material for a fundraising initiative, and other promotional or strategic material. Centurion K9 is an important Ottawa based (not-for-profit) organization that rescues, trains and provides life-saving service dogs to deserving sufferers of PTSD (recipients are Ottawa area first responders – police, fire, EMTs, military – active or retired – servicemen/women).

After hours…

Independent Writer and Photography Enthusiast.

Photograph – © Shelly Moreau – Beautiful Winter Morning

Even my hobbies are on the creative side. When the keyboard stops clicking, the camera takes over.

Photography is my biggest love and go-to pass time. I’ve snapped over 15,000 photos since buying my first little Casio digital camera over a decade ago. I now rely on a Nikon, Coolpix P600. My 5th camera. 

Its’ not unusual to take 1,500 shots during a week’s vacation. The awe-inspiring landscapes, colourful birds and flowers, and intriguing insects or farm life compel me to snap. Let’s not forget the occasional winter landscape too. 😉

Photograph – © Shelly Moreau – Surprise, it’s a Moth

Photograph – © Shelly Moreau – Water Lily – on vacation.










Ode to Kreighoff – modified from Kreighoff work

Painting also brings enjoyment. This interest developed while working at the National Gallery of Canada during a ten-year stint. My preferred medium is oil on canvas. 

Again, I’m beckoned by winter landscapes. There’s great inspiration in the works of (Dutch-born) artist, Cornelius Kreighoff. His depictions of the life and challenges of late 19th century natives and early Quebec settlers (most of which are winter scenes) are fascinating.

Information Products…

Back on the work front…

Since my major strengths lie in strategic and logical thinking, it seems logical to use those skills in conjunction with writing. That’s why I developed a series of useful and easy-to-apply educational guides. 

As an independent writer I cover subjects like

✓ copywriting principles
✓ real estate writing,
✓ direct mail marketing, and
✓ strategic planning (for small-business owners and solo entrepreneurs/consultants).

to help business owners to enhance writing or other skills. Oh, and let’s not forget the free info-graphics. These provide essential writing tips, and are a great place to start. Ask me about them if you’d like to receive your personal reference copy. 🙂

But wait…there’s more!

In addition to these publications, there’s an on-line course (developed at the request of the good folks of Skillshare.com). It’s based on one of my information products – Strategic Planning for Small-Business.

As an independent writer my goal includes writing additional information guides and educational material. Be sure to let me know if you’d like to see a particular topic covered. Learn more details about these publications, or score your personal copy.

Why Any Of This Matters

It matters because I take your writing challenge as my personal writing challenge. I treat you, and your project and goals with the utmost respect, love, strategic know-how, and artistic flair required – so your messages and material do the job you intend them to do.

Could your business benefit from an independent writer? 

What kind of writing challenges are holding you back? Maybe one of the services here is what you need to propel your business forward. If something stands out as a possible solution for you, let’s talk.