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Your Independent Writer Is Not A Side-show…

On the other hand as and independent writer, I do love to juggle words. That’s basically what I do for you as I incorporate and combine the right words to create meaningful and powerful phrases.

Before becoming a main attraction copywriter though, I worked for nearly 30 years in various administrative roles where I did a lot of writing. It was during my stint at The National Gallery of Canada, in the Communications and Marketing department (in 1988) that things got real. I had this boss who would always say, Shelly, I love the way you have with words.”  

That’s when my love affair with words blossomed. Following that, I worked hard to improve my writing with each position I held. I worked on annual reports, board meeting materials, policy and strategic planning documents and more. But writing how-to or procedures documents appealed to me the most. 

Copywriting or Bust

Independent Writer Profile Photo

Shelly Moreau, Enthusiastic and Creative Professional Copywriter (now)

pre Independent Writer - Pre-school me

Shelly Moreau (top right) – Young Word-Loving Enthusiast (back in 1970), and Younger Brother in Awe (bottom left))

I guess the career switch wasn’t a huge surprise given that I’ve loved words since I was a child – before school age in fact. 

It was 2012 when I made the transition to independent writer. It wasn’t long before I realized that copywriting is so much more satisfying and creative.

I love that I get to help other business owners achieve better results through their written messages. In addition to writing, I continue to draw on my previous experience and skill set as I strategize and work to determine the best approach for your writing and business goals. 

Community Work

Outside of client work I manage a (FREE TO JOIN) Facebook Group, aimed at Real Estate industry professionals. It’s a relaxed space to pick up writing tips; learn from blog articles; participate in Q & As; and take advantage of the information posted. If you’re a real estate professional or in a related construction/supporting industry be sure to check it out here, at Real Estate Writing and Marketing Tips. 

I’m also honoured to have worked with Centurion K9 PTSD Service Dogs to help enhance material for their fundraising initiatives, and other promotional or strategic material. Centurion K9 is an important Ottawa based (not-for-profit) organization that rescues, trains and provides life-saving service dogs to deserving sufferers of PTSD (recipients are Ottawa area first responders – police, fire, EMTs, military – active or retired – servicemen/women).

After Hours Interests…

Oil Painting - Early Winter Morning, Shelly Moreau

Oil Painting – Early Winter Morning, Shelly Moreau

Even my hobbies are on the creative side. You see if I’m not juggling words, I’m handling paintbrushes or cameras. 

I developed an interest in oil painting while working at the National Gallery of Canada. My preferred medium is oil on canvas. 

I love to paint winter landscapes. I especially adore the works of (Dutch-born) artist, Cornelius Kreighoff. His depictions of the life and challenges of late 19th century natives and early Quebec settlers (most of which are winter scenes) are fascinating.

© Shelly Moreau - Beautiful Winter Morning

Photograph – © Shelly Moreau – Beautiful Winter Morning

However photography is my biggest love and go-to pass time. I’ve snapped thousands of photos since buying my first little Casio digital camera in 2006. I now use a Nikon, Coolpix P600. My 5th camera. 

Its’ not unusual to take 1,500 shots during a week’s vacation. The awe-inspiring landscapes, colourful birds and flowers, and intriguing insects or farm life compel me to snap. Just as the occasional winter landscape does. 😉

Information Products…

Back on the work front though…

I believe it’s critical to share what you know so others can grow. So as an independent writer I enjoy creating useful how-to publications for business owners who want to enhance their writing skills.

So far I’ve covered these subjects:
✓ copywriting principles
✓ real estate writing,
✓ direct mail marketing, and
✓ strategic planning (for small-business owners and solo entrepreneurs/consultants).

I plan to continue writing information guides as conditions allow. Be sure to let me know if you’d like to see a particular topic. 

You can also click here to learn more details about these publications, or to score your personal copy.

On-Line Course Development

Last year, I was thrilled to be asked (by the good folks at Skillshare.com) to create and deliver an on-line course based on one of the information products I developed. I chose to create a course on Strategic Planning for Small-Business

Following that, another high-profile professional Canadian association took notice of this content. At their request, the course is being now being uploaded on their on-line learning platform. They want to feature it as part of the continuing (and mandatory) professional development curriculum. I can’t divulge the organization’s name just yet so stay tuned for more details. Its release is anticipated for some time in June 2018. I can’t wait to share it with you.

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