When the client recognizes that he is “investing” in copywriting services, rather than looking at it as an expense, the project can take shape to deliver the bigger results.

The bottom line is that the client is always interested in his bottom line. Unfortunately, that could lead to a discussion around fees before you even know what his needs are. If the client saw our product as investing in copywriting services, and not a hit on his marketing budget, copywriters would feel more confident about how much they charge and by what method.

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Investing in Copywriting Services is a wise and profitable choice.

Those fees reflect the services delivered, and are a small portion of the total value that the client places upon future results. Surely that is added incentive for clients not to wince at the prospect of value-based fee structures.

Initial discussions should never be about figuring out the cost or about your hourly rate — that could restrict the scope, magnitude or results of the project and ultimately jeopardize the development and outcome before it even gets started.



Steering the client toward a talk about the value of the results and how investing in copywriting services, is more beneficial to the client.

It allows for a review of the expectations of the project in a wider scope and how results the can be seen, from the beginning to the end. This creates more interest: The client becomes inspired and eager to get started. Suddenly, a value-based fee is not such a big issue since they are clear about the impact of the results that copywriting can deliver.

To make the best of your discussion, identify how the client envisions the project taking shape; what problems he wishes to tackle; how much he expects/hopes to increase revenue in a year’s time; and the value he places on achieving those results. The copywriter can then develop a comprehensive and value-based proposal for the client to consider.

If the proposal allows for breaking up the project into smaller bits, thus offering the client various options, that’s even better. Often the client will realize that the decision-making is left in his hands and more often than not, since value is very important to the results, the client will opt for the larger scope of the options presented to him.

Not Every Company Has Copywriters on Staff - That's Why Investing in Copywriting Services is So Valuable

Not Every Company Has Copywriters on Staff –
That’s Why Investing in Copywriting Services is So Valuable

Not every company has the luxury of having a skilled copywriter on staff. Isn’t that why they go out searching for that service in the first place? They are investing in copywriting services that they do not have on hand. So here’s where the value comes in, naturally. Remember, the fee is not just about charging for the copy per say. It’s about the skills and knowledge amassed and learned over the years, and the ability to transfer those skills into wonderful, compelling, flowing words that help businesses solve their problems.

Investment indeed!