If Apple never had leadership with style like that of Steve Jobs, do you think it would have become the behemoth success that it is today? 

This topic is a departure from offering tips for better copy, but I feel that good Leadership with Style is essential to every business’ success and one I have given a lot of thought to in my various workplaces.  Because, behind every successful company is a great leader, and following that leader, a great cohesive team that buys into the organization’s culture, ideologies, plans, goals and dreams.

And how do you get your team to that fabled point? By introducing a leadership with style, and having an accompanying vision that everyone can understand and see themselves being involved in.

If you, as a leader can inspire your team to see the importance of each of their positions and how they are essential to each cog of the organizational wheel, those team members will take a more vested interest in the outcome and the results of the work they do. There is more of a sense of responsibility for those outcomes.

And not only will the staff’s work matter to each of them as individuals, but also as a whole unit. People will be more willing to pick up slack, contribute more to the larger goals of the team.


Leadership With Style Allows for Celebration of Success - Together

Leadership With Style Allows for Celebration of Success – Together

If you can convey the importance of their work to the big picture, you are changing a mindset. Where you might have had negative-nellies, or dissenting individuals that could prove poisonous to a work environment, instead you gain valuable allies on the way to success.

And good leadership is one that recognizes everyone’s participation and celebrates those successes… together… as a team.

Now introduce the vision of how their work fits into the grand scheme of things – how things function together to result in the achievements, as set out in the organization’s Big Picture. A good leader can get that picture across to a group and encourage people to be more cohesive, to work as a unit and bolster their output.

A great leadership with style allows its team members to be more involved – perhaps in planning, goal-setting, or other areas where objectives are set and subsequently keeps staff interested. For instance, if your idea or contribution, as an individual, has an impact on the big picture, you then have greater concern for the outcomes of your work and are willing to ensure that those outcomes are positive.

This then translates to motivation: i.e. Understanding how to inspire the entire team, and get them to want to work together for the common goal. And employing that great leadership with style means that you’re able to tap into an emotional trigger, which convinces your team members that their actions have significance – their actions have meaning.

In the end, your team is motivated because they can see the benefit from their actions. Some leaders might offer other incentives (i.e. bonuses, special privileges, etc.) which may not always convince/motivate someone to the best job they can. But when motivation is recognized as contributing to organization’s bottom line or success, well that’s a tastier carrot to put in front of their nose. Not to mention a better leadership, with style.

Whatever your style, your and your team’s success depends on your leadership. Getting the best out of your staff and teams is the challenge, and accomplishing great leadership – with style should be your goal.

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