How do you prevent your many product distributors from using too many messages?

Chances are, unless you make this tool a part of your enrolment pack or beginner kit, you’re going to end up with too many messages, providing varying levels of information to many prospects. Results? Fewer conversions.

What I’m talking about here is providing your down-line of many product distributors with a set of communications materials that will ensure your message remains consistent throughout the entire organization.  From top to bottom, and everywhere in between.

While it’s great that your many product distributors are go-getters — and they should be if they want to be successful — there’s a high probability that the majority of those people won’t have the research or copywriting skills required to create the outstanding material that could get them that next sale.  Some of their accompanying material may be accurate, some might only be partially accurate.

Many product distributors who write their own content have copy that is boring. It may not have enough information to keep prospects interested, and most likely doesn’t ask them to buy. Gasp!

If you’re the sort of organization that has many product distributors in your down-line, it would definitely be beneficial to your communications strategies, as well as your ROI, to have a skilled copywriter to create your materials.  You can then provide your teams with communications and correspondence pieces that ensure consistency and accuracy at all times, and enhance your promotional arsenal.

As an example, I just met someone who has her own product distribution business that she runs from home, and it’s a great company that she’s working for. She offered to send me a sample product, which I was happy to receive and try out.  Along with that sample was an accompanying letter.  The letter was good, and there was also much more potential – to offer her prospects plenty of valuable and interesting information about the product and all of its benefits that most certainly would encourage a purchase.

She was gracious enough to allow me to work with her to revise her letter. We added more interesting facts and details about the product and highlighted how the company is unique in its processing of said product.  The finished letter has lots of oomph and appeal so that readers will want to continue reading, be excited about trying the product, and then order more – because I also made sure to include that all-important Call to Action (I have also recommended an order form be developed and included).

Now this is for just this one distributor. One of many product distributors within this very large organization. I’m left wondering, what are all the other distributors doing when they send samples?  

Are they all using different accompanying letters?  Do they even bother with one? Do they even use an order form?  My sample did not provide one at that time.

It is highly probable that this company does not have such valuable tools and resources available to their many product distributors.  I could only imagine the added benefits to the company if they did.

It could enhance their businesses, and the organization could be sure that each and every one of their many product distributors was singing from the same song book.  Information would always be accurate, distributors would be ready to work their businesses with more assurance, and with the possibility of achieving better results.

The well-written thank you letter with specific messaging about your USP, details about the product(s), the product benefits, testimonials, and a call to action — all in a friendly tone — along with an order form… and even a postage-paid return envelope (if budgets allow), are the ingredients to this recipe for success.

Remember… it’s all about making things as easy and convenient as possible for the prospect to do business with you.  And for the organization, it’s all about making sure your communications messages – used by your many product distributors – are consistent.


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