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Your Strategy to Succeed

Your Strategy to Succeed

I know…Strategic Planning is not sexy.

But you know what IS sexy? The momentum you build and results you see from applying your company’s assets and resources to their fullest capabilities while your Strategic Plan rolls out smoothly. Oh yaaaa!

And with a map in front of you – such as the one you’ll create using this new mini-resource entitled, “Your Strategy To Succeed – The What, The Why, The How of Strategic Planning”  you success is all but assured.

This is the perfect guide to help you focus on activities that are important to your path toward success, and achieving your long-term financial goals.

Learn more about this mini-resource and how you can change the course of your business goals and successes, by checking out all the details here.

This value-packed booklet is available for the outstanding price of $11.00. No special limited time deal or future price increase…no exclusive offer. It’s $11.00.


Direct Mail Guide CoverDirect Success  – Mailing (Your Way) To Prosperity

A step by step guide written especially for professional copywriters. Are you using what you know to conduct your own direct mail marketing campaign? If not…why not?

For most of us, writing the letter(s) is the easy part. But many copywriters may not be comfortable navigating the administrative or technical (behind-the-scenes) tasks that go along with a campaign (like the planning, coordinating, formatting, merging, mailing lists, and more). This unique guide facilitates the entire journey, from start to end. 

Here’s what one professional copywriter says about using the Guide:

Copywriter's Experience Using the Direct Mail Guide

“It had been some time since I did a direct mail campaign for my copywriting business. I’m not exactly a technical wiz; I’m more of the creative type.

For me, Shelly’s guide is a no-nonsense, straightforward and highly readable resource for doing direct mail campaigns. Acquiring leads wasn’t a problem for me – it was how to manipulate this data into an attractive DM package. She literally walks you through the entire process. There are step-by-step directions, complete with a healthy dose of visuals and screenshots to orient the marketer.

She also explains the ins and outs of composing that all-too-critical sales letter to accompany the package. The guide also covers technical information such as how to choose the correct labels, formatting, and following up your DM campaign.

For me, Shelly’s guide is now a permanent resource in my marketing arsenal.”

Brad Dunn, Direct Sales Copywriter, Maryland, USA

I’ve prepared a detailed guide so my copywriter colleagues can conduct successful marketing campaigns of their own. Hop on over here to learn more about it.


Realtor’s Checklist to Boost Sales Results From Property Descriptions

Realtor’s Checklist to Boost Sales Results From Property Descriptions

Finally…the real estate industry’s new secret weapon to getting more listings and selling more properties.

So if you’re only hearing crickets after you’ve posted your listings or created those lush colour brochures, this unique writing tool helps you make lots of noise, that attracts lots of attention.

It’s A Realtor’s Checklist To Boost Sales Results From Property Descriptions – Your Resource for Productivity and Prosperity. 

And it’s your secret system to real estate writing…

Learn seven (copywriting/advertising) principles and steps that take you to new listing heights bringing increased recognition for sellers, buyers and even other agents.

Consider this:
Are you offering sellers the best marketing strategies for their homes, or using the same-old, same-old dull suggestions? Because when you show sellers your secret weapon in your pre-listing package, watch their eyes light up as you explain your unique method of portraying their beloved home to earnest, interested buyers. 

And since your time is limited, this is not a long and complicated copywriting course. I’m explaining the seven essential steps you need to to perfect your writing system. The Checklist tool is presented in an easy-to-digest way so you can take advantage of it quickly.

You get all the details and instruction you need so your descriptions come out enticing and electrifying; and so you see the results you dream about from your (MLS) listings, full brochures or feature sheets, ads, or website listings or other promotional home sales pieces you produce.

Look I don’t want to give too much away here but this is going to make winning listings from sellers a whole lot easier and more satisfying…and for less than the cost of one (MLS) listing I’d write for you.

So grab your keys and unlock the door to greater success…

Click here to learn more about this resource, or to pick up your own copy to start winning, today!


Essential Writing Elements To Improve Marketing Results

Essential Writing Elements To Improve Marketing Results

For every small-business owner who needs to conduct marketing campaigns, but does not necessarily have the budget to hire a professional writer to create the messages that go into their promotional pieces, there’s Essential Writing Elements To Improve Marketing Results.

Small-business owners no longer need to struggle to get a great marketing message to their customers.

This short, digestible guide delivers 6 basic, valuable and essential copywriting/advertising principles. Easy to learn and quick to apply. Perfect for every busy business owner.

Take the professional writer out of the equation and be in complete control, with the knowledge and confidence you need to write better messages and promotional material.

Get your personal copy now and start writing your own power packed promotions and content. Yours for $39.

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Facebook Membership Site (And It’s Free):

FB Group - New Writing Resource and Marketing Tips

FB Group – New Writing Resource and Marketing Tips

Looking for a quiet place to discover useful tips and writing resources for your real estate (related) business?

Check out this new Closed Group, especially for Realtors, Home Builders and Home Repair/Maintenance Service Providers.

It’s the perfect refuge from a hectic day and when you’re seeking that tip to fill in your information gap. The perfect space to find valuable marketing and writing tips to help grow your business, and to share your stories and successes.

And the best thing…it’s FREE to join. Free to participate. And Free to take advantage of the numerous files you’re entitled to as a member. Use them right away to make a difference in your writing and results.

Let’s take a quick peek, at: Real Estate Writing And Marketing, then you’ll see if it makes sense for you to return again. All you need to do to take full advantage from the Group is do me the honour of requesting to join. And remember…it’s free. I look forward to interacting with you. Let’s get moving.

Until, then…


Easy Direct Mail for Small Business

Easy Direct Mail for Small Business

Easy Direct Mail To Create Small-Business Profits – A Step-By-Step Guide To Marketing Success

Hot off the heels of my first Direct Mail Guide (originally written for Copywriters and available soon, exclusively to members of, this resource is revised and amped up, and directed toward the needs of small-business owners.

It’s perfect for any small-business owner – with a big need for marketing, but without the big budget that goes along with it. Here, you’ll find all the help you need to manoeuvre through this tried and true marketing method with ease.

Work from complete step by step instructions so you can coordinate and develop your own direct mail marketing campaign.

It’s easier than you think. Don’t worry if you’re not technically inclined, or unsure of how all the back end stuff works. Don’t sweat it. I’ve got you covered and walk you through it all.

In the guide you’ll find:
– Instruction on the preparation and planning of your campaign – on all aspects, from beginning to end
– Guidance on how to build a selective mailing list
– Handy screen captures to guide you through formatting, merging, and other tasks
– The detailed anatomy of a sales letter and all its essential writing elements
– Instructions on how to write that great sales letter
– Examples of sales letters/material for your convenient reference

…and more.

I’m putting the finishing touches on the Direct Mail for Small-Business Guide now. Stay tuned for an early fall 2017 release on the platform.

And…Be sure to pick up your complimentary copy of this important real estate writing report…

Profiting Through Seductive Property Descriptions – A Blueprint To Earnings

Discover how to immediately enhance your position in the real estate industry through this short, pointed report.

You’ll gain useful information, like:

  • How having a professional writer on staff eliminates a myriad of writing tasks;
  • Why good property descriptions are essential;
  • How I became a specialist, why my services are unique and how that helps you;
  • How I work with clients to accomplish goals; And…
  • Bonus tips to implement right away for an immediate impact on your own property descriptions.

This report is the precursor to the Real Estate Checklist resource. At the very least, you’ll find valuable information about the essential writing elements to get you started. Get  your copy here, right away…before your competition does.