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Target Package
Long Listing Description
to Spur Sales
*As low as $275/description

Long descriptions are perfect a full length and targeted listing description, normally for a Feature Sheet/Brochure, Website listing, a Full-length Ad, or wherever you might need a lengthier description (and when restricting the word count is not an issue.)

*Rates vary – Lower rates apply to multiple monthly orders. See below for more details.

Your Target Package *Rates Are:
(for description between 450 – 700 words – or more – depending on your needs).

➢ $350 – For one description only in one-month
➢ $300/description – For up to three listing descriptions/month
➢ $275/description – For four or more listing descriptions/month

*Clients are invoiced monthly, once the total number of descriptions has been determined.

Attraction Package
Three Formats of Enthralling
Listing Descriptions

Descriptions are often needed for more than one location, length, and medium. So you’ll receive three descriptions (for the same property) in the three most common formats for your marketing needs.

Your Magnetic Attraction Package Includes 3 distinctly written descriptions for the property – to use in 3 formats:

➢ 1 Full-length description (between 450 – 700 words, depending on your needs)
➢ 1 *MLS type listing description (normally up to 1000 characters)
➢ 1 *Short ad (normally includes a headline of 25 characters; and body copy/description of 200 characters, including your contact info.)

* Just because it’s shorter doesn’t mean it easier to write…in fact it’s more challenging because of the concentrated effort to make the most of your word choices (i.e. chose the most alluring, seductive and meaningful words possible); and highlight the deepest benefits of owning THIS home, all while staying within a limited number of words.


MLS/Short Listing Descriptions
*As low as $80

Ranging from 800 – 1000 characters (depending on your restrictions), your descriptions are always created using my specialized system. And tailored with the information you want to include.

Rates are structured allowing you to take advantage of considerable savings for multiple descriptions during the busy months.

➢ 1 description/month – $100
➢ 2 descriptions/month – $90/description
➢ 3 or more descriptions/month – $80/description

*Clients are invoiced monthly, once the total number of descriptions has been determined – to make sure you take advantage of available savings.

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