A Successful Realtor Seeks Coaching

How do you become The most successful Realtor in your market? It’s not enough to earn your real estate license and believe you can simply coast, or that your studying days are over. Eventually, you’ve got to think about what it takes to go further…To be more successful.

Success is achieved as your professional skills and prowess progress; as you serve clients with distinction; and as an integral part of your ongoing business development. But don’t expect to sit back and expect it to happen without effort.

Want to know how to be The most successful Realtor, and stay there?
Follow the Pros. That’s right.

Successful Realtors work hard. They also continue massaging the brain allowing new and innovative ideas, goals and plans to present themselves and manifest. Here’s what you can do. Consider working with a coach or mentor who already knows what it takes to make it. Someone who has been through it all. Someone who will share their knowledge of the industry and show you what it takes to become a successful Realtor.

Words From The Wise

If you’re wondering if coaching or professional development is important, I’ve got some expert insights on the subject from Hamid Riahi, a successful Realtor based in Ottawa, Ontario. Canada. He’s been in the Real Estate industry for 27 years and has continued to grow and prosper throughout his career, thanks to continued learning and coaching.

That said, consider Hamid’s sage advice as he shares his personal experience and thoughts about…

Ongoing professional development for the benefit of your clients, you, your team and their contribution to the success of your business.

As in any business, training is essential to keep up to date on the ever-changing real estate market as well. For that reason, we have four hours of (weekly) mandatory training for every agent in our agency.

I began getting a coach involved in the second year of my business. At that time, I worked with Mike Ferry, one of the top coaches in the industry. Now I am the Coach.

Observations on agents’ level of knowledge of effective industry marketing strategies – for the home selling process.

Most agents don’t even get one course in marketing! As a result, I’m constantly hearing, “We listed the property for 2 or 3 months…” (without success). During which time, they have done little marketing!

As an aside, to me this marketing issue indicates they could benefit from an outside perspective. An influx of fresh ideas, and help developing and putting new marketing strategies into action are all part of becoming a successful Realtor. Just a hunch. Now back to Hamid’s insights about…

Specific programs/courses you recommend for your team, to remain on top of cutting edge strategies and practices in the real estate industry.

There are many courses to take and lots of material to read, for example: Marketing Through Social Media, How to Target-Market for Each Property, and How to Listen and Connect to Clients.

 In addition, there are courses on appraisals, mortgages, and commercial courses to consider.

One particular type of training/coaching you would recommend.

I highly recommend anything that helps you to be a better listener, and be a leader who connects with clients.

How your own professional development has impacted on becoming a successful Realtor.

The number of clients served is a reflection of my professional development.

I was and am serving numerous clients year after year. An average agent serves only 6.5 clients each year!

 In my best year, I served 173 clients. At that time I had only one assistant on staff. I’m happy to report over 90% satisfaction rate!

The challenges you present to your team – to think outside the box – to push them, to enhance their results.

I give them different clients to serve; along with new tasks and challenges they have not performed or faced previously. 

I raise the bar for their production!

Other thoughts, suggestions, opinions about professional development/ training/coaching for professionals in the real estate industry.

It is a vast industry! I think public’s ability to get more information from Internet sources contributes to a lot of confusion. A little knowledge of something kills the purpose (of needing an agent).

Agents need to be better educated. They need to share their knowledge with the clients, not just provide little bits of information.

Uncover Your Potential

Turning into successful Realtors

Turning into successful Realtors

As Hamid suggests, numerous training or coaching options exist for Realtors, whether it’s a long-term program, one-day workshop, ongoing coaching, or mentoring. You’re sure to find guidance, whatever you’re searching for.

First, consider performing a thorough examination of your existing skills, your business services and results you’re achieving. Be tough on yourself. Figure out what’s keeping you from moving up to the next level of success, then take decisive action to tackle your biggest challenge(s). Because after all, a successful Realtor is a coached Realtor.

It’s easy to become stagnant when
there’s a void of new ideas or lack of growth…

As a professional copywriter, I believe in continuous learning as well (in particular, related to the real estate industry). I follow experts in the field to monitor current trends, learn useful tips and about market activity, and to serve my clients better.

I participate in a three-day annual business development retreat for copywriters. I work with a business coach. I also have a writing mentor who is a well-established (former New York Advertising) copywriter. And now, colleagues come to me for advice and coaching in a number of areas. That didn’t happen overnight though.

Eventually, with increased knowledge and experience – and perhaps some additional coaching or continuous learning, you’ll be the most successful Realtor in your market too. And maybe you’ll become the coach. Just like Hamid.


Was this article helpful? Your questions and comments are welcome, below. In the, meantime never stop learning. It’s the key to your growth, whether becoming a successful Realtor or other business owner.

Thanks to Hamid Riahi, licensed Broker and Owner/Manager of Power Marketing Real Estate, an independent agency in Ottawa, Ontario, since 1991. Hamid shares his 27 years of experience in and knowledge about the real estate industry and works with a team of 20 qualified and motivated brokers/agents helping buyers and sellers achieve their goals of selling or buying a home.

Hamid’s input was key to the foundation of this article. Your time and graciousness are always greatly appreciated. Thank you for sharing.

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