Vision At Stake

Wow. I almost lost my vision. You never think of these things as you go about your daily business. It was a scary time to be sure. And after two meetings, tons of information, and weighing the pros and cons, I finally realized…

What about my vision…my future? I can’t give up copywriting. I’ve worked too hard to get here.

What Was I Thinking

This is a scenario many small-business owners face. Sales aren’t as high as you’d like, and business is slow so you start worrying about the bills. Finally, desperation sets in and you’re in a daze as you begin contemplating other opportunities. You’re even considering ones outside of your profession. This is the kind of thing that happened here.

It was a sales-related position mind you. I liked it because it would have been a good opportunity to enhance my marketing skills, in addition to broadening my knowledge-base while contributing to my copywriting business. The job description was appealing so I applied and within 24 hours I had an interview.

Two interviews later...I had lost my vision

Two interviews later…I had lost my vision.

Now things were getting real.

The initial interview went well and I was encouraged. My confidence rose as did my anticipation. Later that day I got the call for the follow-up interview. That second briefing had a positive, uplifting vibe to it as well. In that meeting, they revealed more details, there was more information to digest, and I got greater clarity, followed by a sense of apprehension.

Uh-oh. Was I doing the right thing?

As I was leaving they promised to call me at the end of the day with their decision. They appeared eager.

Oh my God. What if they hire me, I thought!

Reality Saves The Day

There’s a crucial decision to make. I was panicking.

I got home and did some serious thinking. I even mulled things over with my husband – going back and forth, pouring over the facts. Could I manage this new job and still take on copywriting work? Gulp! What should I do now?

I juggled the numbers and the hours required to fulfill this new job – including traveling. In the end, it didn’t look as promising as I thought.

The final nail in the coffin came with the realization that I would not be able to take on this full-time position and maintain my copywriting business. Now that made me sad.

Woah, What Happened

I forgot about my vision which is to serve and help clients improve their businesses through their messages; and my desire to do the kind of work I love – writing.

I gave my head a shake and finally woke up.

So that was that. I waited for the call.

Now the worry was how to decline an offer (if one came). After all, I had shown genuine interested in the position. I was worried about having wasted this potential employer’s time. Luckily no call came that afternoon so I thought I was off the hook (sigh). Alas, it finally came four days later dagnabit. 

Ultimately, I was happy to receive that follow-up call. I thanked the employer for the opportunity and let him know I appreciated his time and the experience. I explained that in the end, I would not be able to fulfill their role and continue to manage my business – which was still important to me. I told them that I had lost my vision…almost. To my relief, he was gracious and understanding. Before ending the call though, I added, “hey, maybe someday we will work together and I’ll be doing the writing for your business”.

It could happen you know.

Make your vision your future

A focused vision is key to keeping your goals in reach.

Vision Returned

So here I am, thankful that I’m still running my copywriting business. I’m glad my vision came back to me because my path would be dark if not. At the same time, I’m glad for this experience.

It forced me to re-evaluate my career priorities, and focus harder on my future goals. You know…the ones I set out last year in a strategic plan (but that’s another story). As small-business owners, we all need to review our vision and mission statements on a regular basis. And sometimes a scary situation pulls us back to see them for what they are…our life’s purpose laid out for us to follow.

Don’t lose your vision.


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