Why #Trending Loses Traction

Consider this. Everywhere you look – on social media in particular – the next big thing is taunting you. “Buy Now. Increase Your Sales. Get More Leads“, etc. All in the hopes of being known for #trending. So many business owners are latching onto the newest marketing crazes in hopes of better results. In doing so, they may not realize their message is lost in the sea of sameness.

Take the following as an example. I subscribe to a number of information/service providers (newsletters and marketing info). I notice that the majority of e-mails these days seem to be intent on using the same type of “shock tactic” in their subject lines (or as headlines in articles) to gain attention. Something else that irks me is the trend to send multiple e-mails daily. To bombard you with marketing messages.

Pretty soon, folks become blasé about it. I know I am. The result is little to no recognition for any value you might offer, unopened e-mails, and unsubscribing. And you’re no longer viewed as a unique business owner. You know what they say about “too much of a good thing”…

I’m not saying to ignore what’s going on out there altogether in the marketing world. Au contraire. Learn all you can about what interests you and more so about marketing. When you find something that peaks your interest, then adapt it. Put your personal brand and spin on it so you don’t blend in with the masses just to be known for #trending. Individuality is what attracts attention after all.

Being Known For #Trending Is Not The Be-All-End-All

My take on maintaining a uniqueness goes way back to childhood in fact…The schoolyard is (and was) a tough place. Students considered different or as outcasts get picked on, shunned or ignored. It was no different back when I went to school. But those “different” kids are the ones I hung around with. You see, being known for #trending was not crucial to my happiness. That wasn’t who I was then, and it’s not who I am now.

I wasn’t a so-called nerd, geek, or even a cool kid.
Nor did I feel the need to be recognized as such.
It simply didn’t matter to me.

In high school I was never part of any one group of friends for any length of time. I meandered from one friend to another doing my own thing and being myself. No one will ever accuse me of being a sheep or having a herd mentality.

Following the flock doesn't allow individual recognition. It fuels what's already known for #trending

Following the flock doesn’t allow individual recognition. It fuels what’s already known for #trending (photo © Shelly Moreau, August 2016)

Well…maybe a black sheep from time to time. But I digress.

Past Meets Present

These days, as I manage my professional copywriting career, I don’t play a major part in any particular group; and I’m not a member of numerous clubs or organizations. I’m not a fan of cliques (never have been). I don’t necessarily follow the crowd to hop on what’s #trending either. Although I pay attention to what’s going on in the marketing world for learning purposes, I’m not concerned with being part of the in-crowd.

To me, it’s more important to be influential, rather than be influenced.

My concern is about behaving and being recognized as a unique business owner, with novel ideas and strategies worth sharing with my clients. I prefer to reach out to people and build one-on-one, meaningful, long-term business relationships outside of a group environment. Don’t get me wrong. Belonging to a group for support purposes and exchanging ideas is worthwhile. It’s a good recipe for growth and knowledge expansion. 

My interest is in standing out for being and acting different from other similar business owners. My hope for clients is the same as they seek to grow and improve upon their success – in developing their unique methods, systems and identities in turn.

Make Your Mark

This principle applies to your website content as well. When you’re writing Home Page copy and telling folks about your business, your message’s goal is to convey
√ Who you are
√ What you do, and
How you’re products or services are better/different than your competitors (i.e. why they should choose you over another similar product/service provider).

No one can make an educated decision about working with you based on
√ Who you are
√ What you do, and
How you’re doing the same thing as everyone else who’s hopped on the current #trending bandwagon…

It’s a big world with lots of business owners making a lot of marketing noise. It’s difficult to make your mark in a way that doesn’t lump you in with the #trending crowd. But it can be done with some creativity and effort. 

For myself, I like keeping an eye on what’s going on and what’s popular – as I mentioned, for educational purposes.

Be The Black Sheep. Stand Out Because Of Your Own Merits To Avoid Being Known For #Trending Someone Else's Idea.

Be The Black Sheep. Stand Out Because Of Your Own Merits To Avoid Being Known For #Trending Someone Else’s Idea.

Once I learn and feel comfortable with a principle, I take that knowledge and reshape it into a variation that’s unique to my business and needs, and apply as required. And when I can share it with clients, even better. Sometimes a little tweak is all you need.

I guess I’m a bit of a black sheep that way. To me, that’s part of being influential, not influenced, and why I’ll never be known for #trending. And that’s OK.

Your comments are welcome below. Id’ love to hear your thoughts on what you’re doing to be unique in the world of marketing.

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