Is A Real Estate Writing Process Part of Your  Marketing Plan?

A realtor’s life is wrought with activity, forms and ongoing process. There’s a form and process for everything. What are you using for your real estate writing process though?

You’ve got a method to gather information about the home’s style, its amenities, room sizes, features and so on. But is everyone on the team attacking writing property descriptions sharing a task-specific tool too? Or are you all just winging it? And if so, are you getting full value out of your marketing plan right now?

Look, I’ve noticed in my research and through working with clients most property descriptions read like a dull list of features. Often one home is easily confused with another, with no definable distinction between them.

It’s not your fault.

Not everyone enjoys the writing process or realizes the impact

an outstanding description has on a potential buyer.


Let’s back things up a bit. What IS so important about having/using a process then? Well, having an established process for a task you do on a regular basis enables you to be consistent with the finished product and to measure results. You have a tool that allows you to maximize your time and resources – in this case, the writing process. You have a tool that helps formulate a plan and method of action. You have a tool that provides direction to form a strategy about how you want to address the ideal homebuyer – for the home in question. And to your client, you have just increased the value of your marketing efforts.

I know not every home is the same – as such, its description should reflect its uniqueness. But the process of information gathering can be the same. And having a proven real estate writing process is like the icing on the top of your cake in your marketing strategies.

Using A Real Estate Writing Process Is Like Having Extra Icing On Your Marketing Cake

Using A Real Estate Writing Process Is Like Having Extra Icing On Your Marketing Cake

What To Do

All it takes is a few copywriting principles to make a world of difference to your results. In fact, if you write a property description applying the established real estate writing process I normally use for my descriptions, you’ll:

• Boost the attention to the home you’re selling

• Generate genuine and authentic interest in the home

• Create a desire to see/buy the home, and

• Compel people to act

As part of your process and to keep your ideas in order, consider using a checklist where you gather all the pertinent details you want to share with buyers.

Keeping them in one place (document) makes it easy and convenient for retrieval and reference. When you’ve gathered all the data you need, take these bits of information and transform them into an intriguing visually stimulating narration for the reader.

My own checklist uses only 7 steps. These steps represent but a few key principles (of the numerous ones) I use when writing a successful sales letter or promotion for example. These principles are just as easily applied to your own real estate writing process. And they work.

In fact one recent client replaced an existing MLS description with one that I wrote using my checklist and the principles I’m talking about. The results were astonishing. The next day I received an e-mail telling me, ‘the condo sold in one day’.

What happened? Well, the two descriptions were like night and day. The newer transformed one got much more attention and generated the desired interest, and ultimately, the sale.

The Simple Solution

Using a proven real estate writing process to guide your thoughts and information gathering, then presenting buyers with powerful, particular words helps the description get noticed. It’s all in the way you deliver the information.

What I do is gather the most alluring and interesting information the realtor wants to emphasize in a description. And that description can be for an MLS listing, a complete website description, or even a feature booklet/brochure.  Then when I write, I take all the data I’ve accumulated and convey it in a way that creates an emotional connection.

And you can do it too. So why not consider creating and using your own real estate writing process? Stay organized, get attention, share the interesting and intriguing property details, and urge buyers to take action. If you do create your own process, I’d love to hear about the affects it’s delivered.

But heck, I know you’ve already got a lot on your plate. So if the thought of defining your own process is a mystifying prospect…not to worry. I’ve already developed one that’s fine-tuned and working quite well. Feel free to ask me about it.

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