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Writing Services and Project Types

✓ Website Content – Fees vary – Share content to intrigue, generate interest, and invite prospects into your world so they get to know more about you, your product or service, and how you solve their problem/challenge – to make their lives fabulous by doing business with you
✓ Information/Data Sheet – $100/side (8.5 x 11) – Take the most vital and compelling specs about your company, product or service, and share them on sales calls, in e-mails, or during presentations with prospects or potential customers
✓ Product Descriptions – Fees vary – Tell buyers the most appealing specifics about your product or service: describe how it works and benefits them, improves and changes their life.
✓  Brochures/Flyers – Fees vary – Share the most beneficial and useful and influential details about you and your products or services with prospects or potential customers

✓ Tag Lines/Catch Phrases (Branding Material) – From $250 – Select from 15 – 20 relevant lines or phrases – written with your business’ vision and goals in mind, reflecting the image and branding of your company, and the overall message you want to convey
✓ Sales pieces/letters and supporting material – from $750-$1,000/page – Promoting or highlighting a product or service for a specific campaign – for website, direct mail purposes or other projects
✓ Landing Pages – Fees vary Promote and highlight your newest publication, a product or service launch, or generate leads (can be long- or short-form of copy).
✓ Postcard Ads (4 x 6, or 5 x 7) – Fees vary – Get that little extra marketing push and exposure that invites folks to connect with you
✓ E-book  – Fees vary – Share your expertise or business experience(s). Perhaps you’ve got a series of tips or articles you’d like to combine in an impactful manner, but you’re unsure how to get our message across in a clear and meaningful way. Or, you simply don’t have the time for this type of project.
✓  Presentation documents – Fees vary – Transform your speaking notes into vital messages and takeaways as they accompany your speech – to emphasize your goals and enhance your overall presentation (Powerpoint)

Specialized Writing Projects and Services

Procedures Guides or How-To Manuals  

Transform your internal business functions and procedures into clear, step-by-step, evergreen blueprints:
✓ Enabling your team(s) to carry out and implement critical tasks (especially in emergency situations)
✓ I
ntroducing consistency and improved efficiency for crucial business functions
✓ Reduce the margin of error while using approved processes
✓ Facilitate training and coaching of new staff, or enhance professional development program materials
And each project undergoes:
✓ Thorough consultation (including research and learning as required) – To ensure I understand your needs along with the process – to convey the information as required in a clear and easy-to-carry-out manner for the end-user
✓ Information-gathering – To compile all supporting background material, and
✓Up to three rounds of edits – at no additional cost (if need be).

Real Estate Listing Descriptions

Each description incorporates the customized, five-step fact-gathering system, called, Shelly Moreau Real Estate Writer’s Checklist ©, focusing on:
✓ Attracting the right buyers and compelling them to contact you
✓ Eliminating “tire-kickers” and “browsers”
✓ Bringing immediate attention to your listing(s)
✓ Sharing only details that matter to your buyers’ lifestyle needs
✓ Enabling the buyer to better envision living in the home of his/her dreams
And Each property description undergoes:
✓ Thorough consultation – To ensure your listing’s message, focus and description priorities are met
✓ Information-gathering – To compile reference photos and other beneficial background material, so the description is accurate the first time out
✓ Up to three rounds of edits – at no additional cost – to fine tune your description (if needed),
✓ Plus – there’s a guaranteed 24-hour turn around (for first draft).


About Writing Fees

Since your project is not a one-size-fits-all situation neither are the fees. No matter which of the writing services you’re using, every project undergoes a comprehensive consultation to determine what service or strategy best suits your goals. During this discussion, we’ll establish a suitable approach and define your vision, as well as discuss other pertinent details to help you achieve the best results.

In addition to the writing deliverable, I provide ongoing consultative input and/or recommendations during the course of your project (over and above of the original scope of work) to ensure best results. This service is at no additional fee to you.

NOTE: If the scope of work changes – resulting in new tasks not outlined in our original, signed agreement – additional fees apply. In that case, a separate quote is prepared reflecting these additional work needs. These extra writing services are carried out only if/once the new quote is approved. I appreciate your understanding.

Why a turn-around request of 24 hours or less results in additional fees (not applicable to Real Estate Property Descriptions). This means I put everything else on hold to dedicate my time to, and concentrate solely on you and your project and needs. You get my full and undivided attention to ensure optimal results – delivered on time…for your deadline needs.

How To Reach Out

If you need help to figure which of these writing services works best for your business, let’s talk. Connect by e-mail, at shellymoreau@gmail.com. And just so you know…I’d like to respond in a meaningful way so I appreciate it when you share as much detail as you can about your issue/question, or particular writing challenge.

When we’re a good match and you decide it makes sense to work together, I’ll prepare a comprehensive price quote/agreement, highlighting your specific requirements, along with other details about what you can expect from me when we work together.

If you don’t see the particular writing services you’re looking for here, connect with me anyway. If I’m unable to help you, I’ll recommend a trusted colleague to provide the right service for your situation.

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