Looking for A Winning Property Description?

As a real estate agent or broker, you’re beyond busy. Writing winning property descriptions is just one of the many tasks you perform. It’s also key to achieving higher sales.

Have you given much thought about whether or not your descriptions really cutting it though? This is where working with an experienced writer makes all the difference. And for real estate copywriting that sells, consider this.

Headlines Matter

As with other copywriting, a headline is what catches the initial attention of a buyer, to the description. It needs to be strong, and lead the buyer into the opening of your description.

Here are a number of ways to devise a compelling headline:

  • Hint at something exciting, in a secretive manner – create some curiosity. It always draws folks in;
  • Use shock value – that seems to be the norm these days, but not always recommended, unless you’ve got something spectacular and totally unsuspecting that you want to share about the property;
  • Ask a Question – people want to know the answer and naturally get pulled in;
  • Make a bold statement that delivers a positive result – readers want to know how to get those results for themselves too. (Did you notice? That’s the approach I used for this article. And you’re reading it, aren’t’ you?)

An Emotional Appeal

Purchasing a home is a very personal and emotional experience. How may times have you noticed a buyer walk into a home that seems to scream to them – “I’m just what you want” – and the buyer, with widened eyes, lets out a gasp, exclaiming, “This is perfect. It’s just what we’re looking for.” I bet you were nodding your head as you imagined that scene, weren’t you?

Now, that’s your emotional reaction to what I’ve just described for you, and for what that buyer may have just viewed. You were transported to the scene with a description. That’s what can be achieved with a winning property description as well.

So, chose your words wisely, and:

      • Make the most out of descriptive words;
      • Use active voice;
      • Convey the home’s ambiance;
      • Convey the home’s character; and
      • Transport the buyer (visually) into the scene – inside the room you’re describing.

Don’t just say, “notice the new upgrades to hardwood flooring”.  Say, “Your eyes are drawn by the warmth and elegance of the newly installed sea of hardwood flooring…”


It takes the right words to create a winning property description. Choose carefully.

It takes the right words to create a winning property description. Choose carefully.

You see, once you get the buyer to envision himself living in the home, enjoying the benefits of being there, you’ve created that emotional attachment from a winning property description. And that’s something that’s difficult to just brush away afterward.

Don’t Spin Your Wheels on Tire-Kickers

Every home seems to have a secret, or some aspect of it that perhaps not everyone finds appealing about it. Why hide it? The prospect is going to find out during the visit most likely. And where will that leave you? Without an offer. That’s fairly certain. And you’ve just wasted time that you could have spent elsewhere, on another client or home.

So why lose your valuable time on buyers that may not be genuinely interested in the property and all it has to offer in the first place?

That’s where stating potentially objectionable features contributes to a winning property description. By doing so, you’ve just narrowed down your buyer list. And that’s a good thing.

Now, only truly interested folks are going to contact you for a viewing. They already know what to anticipate, and have accepted what you’ve laid out – or else they wouldn’t be calling you. You’ve pre-sold them by setting the expectations with your description.

For instance, if you’re dealing with a home that’s been a challenge to sell, and on the market for some time, determine what the common objection has been from the previous potential buyers. Is it because the yard is too small, the kitchen outdated, the bedrooms too small, the traffic too loud? Why no offers? There has to be reason.

Build trust by providing all vital info in your winning property description.

Build trust by providing all vital info in your winning property description.

Once you know that reason, put it front and centre as part of your description. Because what may not be appealing to one person, may actually be what another is looking for. Divulging this information up front also creates transparency and a trust factor that is essential to doing business.

And now that true buyers are calling to see the home, your valuable time is available to devote to doing what gets you results: dealing with interested clients, and selling a home much quicker…with less effort.

That’s right. Let the copy do the work for you.

Need To Learn More?

These are but a few of the many details that contribute to writing winning property descriptions. I haven’t even touched on the topics of sub-headings, features, benefits, distinguishing a home from similar ones in the neighbourhood, and much more.

I’ve taken some outstanding training that, coupled with my existing copywriting skills, helps me to write winning property descriptions that get attention, and has clients’ competitors taking notice. 

I hope you’ve found this information helpful. Let me know if so.  I’d also love it if you would share how you approach writing your property descriptions. Your comments and questions are welcome.

And to learn more about how to write successful copy, just visit my website for tips.